We often read it and sometimes pretend also to believe it but ask yourself once, do we really follow it?  

‘’Casteism is racism and India should stop it’’
Do we really don’t discriminate people on the basis of their caste?

Casteism doesn’t lies in division of categories but it is a peril to human unity. It fragments people into groups and impedes in the growth of a nation. But do you think it’s that easy to liquidate the concept from the society where these myths have been embarked in our psyche?
Who initiated Casteism? Is it Man-made, so we are actually following a man-made thing blindly without using our own brains? Some says it’s in shashtras, then is it made by God? Is it mentioned there that we should discriminate people against caste?

To explain further, this is what in Bhagavad-gita (4.13) Lord Krishna says, "According to the three modes of material nature and the work ascribed to them, the four divisions of human society were created by Me." Then he continues, "Brahmanas, kshatriyas, Vaidhyas and Shudras are distinguished by their qualities of work in accordance with the modes of nature." Herein we can see that there is no such declaration that a man has to be discriminated on the basis of caste throughout. It was only meant to bring ease in socio-economic functionality. They are ascertained by their qualities of work and nothing else. Furthermore, "By following his qualities of work, every man can become perfect. . . By worship of the Lord, who is the source of all beings and who is all-pervading, man can, in the performance of his own duty [or occupation], attain perfection." (Bg.18.45-6)

Herein we conclude that these divisions were meant with good intentions which has eventually wrapped up by negative cloth of discrimination and Casteism by the society.  Therefore, the persons who used to be the informer of deity and are intellectuals were considered as Brahmins, those who worked as warriors on fields were considered as kshatriyas, those who used to serve business or administrative work were belong to Vaidhyas and finally those who prefer to serve society through physical labour were considered as Shudras.
But it’s not mentioned anywhere that Shudra’s kin will always be Shudra even if his mode of work is different. That is the one thing that clings to my mind that why do we stress on caste so much when it really doesn’t make any sense in present times and doesn’t matter at all. Not only this, a Shudra’s kin can never be allowed to worship or work like a Brahmin even if he could be the best Brahmin ever by shashtras, because it’s the stereotypical mind and wrong concept of our society who will always be against it. Even if you are from Brahmin family but you do business, you won’t be considered as Vaidyas, but actually you are.
Therefore before judging the caste of next person sitting beside you, think for yourself once...are you a Brahmin or Shudra? Because its actual meaning lies on the nature of work you do not what your father used to do. Theses heavy words originated for an easy social functionality but not to divide or fragment people’s unity.

Just contemplate on it.

Source: http://www.vedicfriends.org/Casteism.htm

As December is drawing nearer, I was wondering how come media is not reminding it. Well jest apart, but who cares what tomorrow brings to us as long as we are alive now.

Though there is no such proven fact that this Dec 2012 could bring us our last breath but still people shudder. This made me to believe that man fears God despite of loving him otherwise you would never get scared of your own destruction.  Why do we contemplate on what will happen next, instead of living this very present moment?

Once what happened, I was really strained about something and was fretting constantly what will happen next and that not only made me baffled but even more melancholic. It was then the- mintos-moment for me [when my dimaag ki batti jali ;)] and suddenly i pondered that I am wasting my time and doing nothing else. Nothing productive is happening by thinking the same thing ceaselessly. What if it actually doesn’t happen what I am wishing for...I am anyways wasting my present moment without enjoying or smiling and again the same time afterwards because I couldn’t get what I wanted...then who is the loser here? Me only and nobody else...But what if I enjoy at present and laugh loudly with my heart open and still couldn’t get what I was wishing for...I can at least say that I have not wasted my past in crying instead have smiled and enjoyed and that moment has made my heart stronger to think more clearly and vividly. Stress and tension only attracts more of it and nothing else, always ask yourself ‘’am I thinking anything productive right now?’’ you will get your answer at that very moment which will guide you what you have to do next.

Remember, time flies and it takes not only your sorrows with it but also happiness, because nothing is permanent here, neither we should take our life for granted? But yes, the choice is only on you and it depends on you whether you would like to party before dying or like to cry before dying, because eventually you will go back empty handed only.

Similarly, it hardly bothers whether this December will be our last one or not.  Get up and start listing out what you really want to do before dying. What if today is your last day...do what you really want to do before leaving your body behind. Stand up and start writing..discuss it with yourself, what you really wish for and how would you do that with in this short span of time. One thing you remember always that nothing is ever impossible.....once my student told me, ’’Ma’am anything can happen..because even before the invention of touch screens, we used to think that how it can be possible and it happens only in imagination and dreams and see, where are we now’’ It’s all lies in your mind, so get started and achieve what you really want...it’s never too late..Whether you are in 20’s, 30s 40s, 50s or at hospital....make someone smile...Forget all regrets...have a coffee with your loved ones...hug them..Go party..Live your life wisely.

Lets start a new beginning, forget about the auspicious day or dates...it’s now or never. Get started and take pledge that you will be happy from now onwards and you will think only productive and you will live your life with a wide grinning smile all through, irrespective of any situation.

Remember, don’t take life for granted, embrace it and it will embrace you back with love.

I think travelling alone provides you with an ample of time to explore your inner thoughts, especially if your flight gets delayed by chance for more than couple of hours. Well, the same thing I am experiencing now and this article is just the outcome due to late arrival of my flight.

I was just goofing around the whole airport and finally sat in a place with my I-pod on. Suddenly my eyes got stuck on a girl who was sleeping deeply with her mouth wide open, must be from same flight. But then the thought came what she must be dreaming.

BTW, what is a dream?

Some says Dreams are which the mind conceives, the heart desires, and the soul believes, and scientifically it is believed that dreams occur in the rapid-eye movement (REM) stage of sleep—when brain activity is high and resembles that of being awake. But actually there is no proven fact on why we dream, which is why there are so many ongoing research projects on the same.
                                                            Coutesy: Google Image

In normal human language, dream is the moving short scenes we see when we sleep and that is why we are wished with sweet dreams by our loved ones because we are about to enter a new world when we shut our eyes close at this side. Isn’t it amazing that still we breathe, and still our brain is active while we are at slumber? What is that thing which maintains this balance- it’s the power of our subconscious mind. God resides in us incognito as subconscious mind. He warns us with bad dreams, he makes us happy with wonderful dreams, he shows us the right path by showing hints or signals in our dreams. Dreams make us closer to god.

However, dreams bring a big impact on out mental state. Be it a good joyful or gaiety dream which makes our whole day. Just by thinking it again and again, it brings a smile on our face. Isn’t awesome to communicate with your hero or a person u admire direct face to face and the best is he or she is also replying you. Some times it’s the other way round and we feel so disgusted to live that whole day, it just spoils our mood. We regret that why did we see that dream. On the other hand, it act as wonders and clearly show and guide us what to do if we are in trouble in reality or warn us not to go at some place if we are planning to go. Not only this, but sometimes it makes you to hate a known person u saw in dream or it can happen in opposite way too. Have you imagined, how many new faces we see every day in our dreams, we don’t even know them, neither we have any connection with them but still they become a part of our dreams. Sometimes just a glimpse of a person u met in metro or bus comes to your dream.

A funny thing which I wanted to share; once I was talking to my favourite hero in my dream face to face and I was so much enamoured by his presence in my dream that I actually told him that ‘’hey I am talking to you in my dream’’, don’t ask me what was his reply...but it still makes me laugh by thinking the same.
Do you ever thought that can a person who is born blind, see dream. Yes they can!! But it’s only the sounds which makes their dream without any images and that’s called as auditory dreams. Isn’t interesting?
 The whole concept of dreams has always amazed me. Even after ‘playing god’ by Science and technology, it cannot dig this troves’ roots. Now my question is why do we always have silent dreams and if we start talking in dream, the dream vanishes away?

Though, there are many disorders which are related to sleep such as sleepwalking or sleep talking which science has retrieved the reasons behind it but the roots still remain buried underneath the treasured field.
I think my quest has made this article a long one indeed. But I would like to say one last thing that Life is a miracle in itself, it’s a beautiful mystery and you are blessed to live this miracle in real.

Have a happy sleep today and don’t forget to retrieve the meaning of your dream tomorrow by using this site.

Sommeil Heureux !!

I don’t think there has been any interesting topic than Women and Love. There are so many books written, serials and movies scripted and directed, also many live examples on the same aforementioned. But the strongest debatable topic comes when the subject LM v/s AM is discussed, especially with them who have not even seen or tasted it.

True love is like ghost, everybody has heard about it but only few ones have seen it. Generally, majority of the people goes and wish for love marriage (LM), after all who doesn’t want to be loved by someone madly or loving someone all by hearts. But does this same madly-in-love factor happens in arrange marriages (AM) too? Or, does this true love lie only in LM?

I have seen many couples still happy together despite of doing AM and many people separating on doing LM. But what is that one thing which is common in any relation-it is the feeling of the LOVE, whether you yourself arrange for it or it gets arranged by your beloved parents. Love is always fresh and exciting at any stage of your life, whether it’s in your 20s or 30s. It hardly matters with the tag of loved or arranged until when two grownups decide to live their whole life together, when they decide to survive together in their thick and thin without affecting their bonding. Love doesn’t lies in celebrating Valentine’s Day or giving pressies to each other on every occasion. It’s all about the feeling which has to be felt throughout your relationship, and it is like a spark which has to be maintained throughout your relationship. Once it gets dimmed, it might take time to glare up again but the source to light it up lies only in hands of the respective couples.

Courtesy: Google Image

Therefore, why to categorise love or relationships on the basis of different tags or how that happened. Love is unconditional, unbiased, pure and altruistic. Embrace your life, life will also embrace you in return...Don’t be judgmental and do not categorise things around you. Welcome your life with open hands and let it surprise you with a grinning smile.

Love truly but not blindly. 

I was on top of the world when I opened my mail and got the message that I have been awarded Liebster Award. I was overwhelmed....actually still I am :) I never thought that my writings will be loved by someone so much that I will be granted award. I mean, seriously ‘the thought’ is only enough for me. 

And the person behind my smiles is Sudha who herself is a great blogger and awarded me my first blog award. I love all her postings and you can check her link (http://thelidislifted.blogspot.in/) which I am sure you too will fall in love with her writings. I really want to thank you, U have long way to go as writer and I would love to read your book one day. I would also like to thank indiblogger team; they are doing a great job for bringing all the blogger together.

So, here is my first ever blog award.
“Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kindly, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. The Liebster Blog Award is given to up-coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.”

This award comes with certain rules:

If you are tagged/nominated, you have to post 11 facts about yourself.
Then you answer the 11 questions the tagger has given you & make 11 questions for the people you are going to tag.
Tag 11 more Bloggers.
Tell the people you tagged that you did.
No tagging back.

Here I go with 11 facts about me:
1.      I am a big Bollywood love stories movie buff. Be it any love story, I will be the first one to watch
2.      The secret to make up my mood is to surprise me with a good movie in theatre, a long drive and a Cornetto. And I will never be angry, I swear. See how simple is that ;)
3.      I write since class tenth but have never thought that I’ll start loving and living it.
4.      I have around 4 secret diaries that I have kept in my locked cupboard to keep it away from my pesky brothers.
5.      I love Golgappes, Icecream, Surprises and Hand made cards any time, anyday, anywhere.
6.      I hate reading novels, might sounds like ‘woattttt’ but yes!! It’s true.
7.      I love my life, however it is.
8.      I am a great follower of Ganesh ji.
9.      I m big Rice lover, and love ‘mangshor jhol aar bhaat’ only when my mum makes it
10. I am Bengali and I love Durga-Puja which is followed by Diwali, Bhaidooj and then my Birthday. That’s the celebration time for me every year and I love it.
11.  I love and miss my college life a lot and I think that was the Platinum time but I still believe that best is yet to come ;)
Now the 11 questions Sudha asked me:

1.     Religion or spirituality?
2.     Do you like partying?
3.     Who is your Prime Ministerial candidate for 2014?
Amir Khan.
4.     Barcelona or Manchester United?
Manchester United.
5.     Blogger or Wordpress?
6.     Dream holiday destination?
7.     Which genre of books/movies do you enjoy most?
8.     Do you like kids?
9.     Did you study Sanskrit in school?
10.   Is Chetan Bhagat overhyped according to you?
11.   Did you ever get lost in a new place?

Here are 11 questions for those I’m going to nominate
1.      Romantic movie or action movie?
2.      Facebooking friends or meeting friends?
3.      Your favorite book?
4.      Your memorable birthday year?
5.      Best Actor/Actress with good ‘Acting Skills’’?
6.      Favorite Quote?
7.      Eating at Home or Eating Outside?
8.      Saree or Skirt?
9.      Do you believe in Love at first sight?
10. What do you think, Can Love happen twice?
11.  Does a girl need to change her school dress from skirt to Salwar-Kameez? Y so?

Oh that 11 was a lot for me, phew!! J

I would like to thank Sudha again for such beautiful cute award and foremost my first ever blog award. Let spread the smiles and nominate your favorite ones too as I did.

Have a rocking blogging ahead!!


23 June'12 was the day when my Sister felt the kick in her womb. But the baby was too naughty to make that as a false alarm. Finally the real alarm rung after 4 days.

I wonder how beautiful it is, a tiny living organism grows inside a Human Being. Indeed, its a surprise gift from god. Leave aside the scientific reasons and all, but just think once, isnt it a "Live Miracle"? 

The carrying person whom we name it as "Mother" bears all the responsibility of baby for 9 months, she shares her food, drinks, sleep, smiles, air, laughter...evrything. They are not just connected by an umbilical cord, but they literally become part of each other. Infants will forever be a part of their mother. No doubt, thats why mother is always given the same place as god. Never ever hurt her because you have not seen your mother's pain while bringing you in to this world. So the next time your mom calls just to make sure you are okay, be sure you pick it up that instant. 

It was 27th of June, mid-night then when my sister was finally in pain, what we call as 'Labor Pain'. I have only heard this word before but never saw anyone experiencing the same. My sister was literally howling which bought tears in my eyes too. I was unable to see her sufferings. Maa was trying to soothe me when she found me in tears but lamentably I didn't see any soothing in her statement when she said "This is nothing beta, still lot to come". Must say all the mothers are the strongest human beings in this universe. It was 3 in the morning when she was taken to the OT.  Me, my jij and dad were waiting outside the OT. My mom was waiting in triage as being a mother she was praying for another mother. We all were very tensed and anxious as my sis was undergoing C-section. 

Afetr sometimes, like every filmy scene, Doctor in the same green uniform came out and congratulated us that its a baby gal. It was such a overwhelming moment for all of us. After few minutes the baby was bought to show her father, who is aka jij for me :), and when  I saw my 6 minutes old Niece wrapped in a green cloth just like a tiny caterpillar,with few thin short blackish hair over her head, opened eyes, her bright red wrinkled transparent skin and when she was given to my arms it was 'The Moment' which I can never forget. I was feeling as if I was holding a small ball of cotton with some flesh and cartilage inside. She yawned and then smiled for the first time on my lap which even made the nurse to grin. Though I was not allowed to touch her skin much but I just couldn't resist myself and secludedly kissed her forehead. My body, mind, soul everyone inside me was celebrating that very moment.  

Courtesy: Google Image

'Kaaju' thats the name given exclusively by me, She is the first generation of The Bhattacharya's Pride.

Hope fully after 21 years she loves it when she reads it.
This is just to convey that I love you my Kaju and may god shower all his as well as her blessings on you. Make us proud and foremost make me a proud 'Maashi Muni'. Mera shweetu niece, wish u a Very Very Happy Birthday. Also I wish, you come and hug me after reading this and say "You are the best Maashi Muni in the world, u rock Maashi" :)
God Bless You my Kaju.

Come celebrate my niece birthday, please leave your message down, even if it is belated so that your wishes can make someone smile. :)
Often people fear to TRY and they veil the truth with number of reasons.

Went to an Adventurous Island yesterday with my friends, it was an amazing time. I tried all kind of swings there, though I was scared too to try few but still didn’t want to lose that moment of fun and adventure. We did Bunjee Jumping….Woohoo…believe me, it was a breathtaking moment as it was so thrilling. So I asked one of my frnd to try it as she was little scared and reluctant to proceed. On being asked she replied that ‘’Arre, nai yaar!! Recently, I saw an adverse act regarding this, the strings detached and the girl fell and broke her neck‘’.

Many of you might not agree with me, but in my opinion, I just don’t understand why people judge by hearsay as they did not even experience it themselves. Many people fail to try new things, to meet new people in their life just because their mind has accepted the-bad-can-happen feeling because some xyz have experienced that. Let not allow your mind to the same. I mean, for god sake it is not necessary that what happened to that xyz, will happen to u too. But yes, definitely you can learn from the agonist mishap and should always take it positively instead taking it negatively and putting a permanent full stop in your mind. Learn from their mistakes, in case of the bunjee jumping, watch that strings are properly placed and tight. These incidents are just to make us more careful but that should never stop us from enjoying life. Who knows that could be your fun and happiest moment which you can save it for life. 

Once my cousin asked me a question on reading this article that “I don’t wanna wear short dresses or don’t want to drink, that’s also something new to me”; definitely if she doesn’t want I would never ever urge her to try that new thing but if the statement would have come up like this “I don’t wanna wear short dresses because once my friend wore and experienced something bad or my frnd drank and met with an accident” then I must have encouraged her to try it at least because its not necessary that what had happened to her friend the same will happen to her too. You tell me, what’s the main difference between above two statements, it’s the “Fear Factor”. In latter statement somewhere she herself wants to try it but the fear feeling has suppressed her audacity. Those incidents should make her strong and careful but should never stop her from living life or trying the new, like she can wear short dress if she is going with a group of friends or she should not just drink and drive to avoid the occurrence of accident. Take your own decision to try something new just don’t make your decision depend on somebody else’s experiences. What I really wanna say that deciding on basis of your instinct is a strong choice and on basis of fear is weak choice, and the choice is always yours.

Now you answer my question. Will you stop trying eating outside if your xyz  friend says that something bad happened to him when he did that?? Or will you stop trying the new swing in wonderla if your frnd has tried once and experienced something bad?? Will you take these decisions on your own or will it depend on your xyz friend’s experience??
You have no idea what all bad things are happening every single day in every part of this world, you are not even aware of that but will you stop living your life? Then why you put a full stop in your mind from trying the same?

I believe one should never ever fear to try anything which is new. Be it anything, trying new dish, swing, dress, drink, meeting new people...any damn thing. It leaves you with a great experience. Do try and feel the change. It will thrill your nerve. This is your life and live it without fear.

There is a saying:
"I can't do it" never yet accomplished anything. "I will try" has performed miracles. ~George P. Burnham

“How can your life be a living life when you fear to die and even fear to live?”. ~Maumita B.

So guys never stop yourself from trying anything new. In our world there is so much to explore, to experience. So enjoy your life, learn from others’ mistakes and move ahead confidently. Enter the world with open hands and chin high. Living life is totally in your hand
So, Go ahead, because Life is short!!
Once, I was recharging my cell phone at Pitampura Metro Station in Delhi. There were two transgenders along with me standing and recharging their phone. The moment they left, the shop keeper along with his friend burst out with their refrained laugh.

You must have realized by now, why did they laugh and whom they laughed on. How many times you must have seen people smiling while gazing at the transgenders, or passing ugly comments and how many times you yourself must have done the same.

I never understood why we make fun of people who are also Humans. For what we express our joy, being a normal one, that’s it? I mean why to discriminate among people when all are coming from the same source, cosmos. Who are we?? Why we think ourselves so superior?? Just because we are lucky.

Even in Science, this kind of discrimination is called as Genetic Discrimination. In our body, each of our characteristics and behavior is regulated by a unit called as gene and these genes are made up of different configuration of Nitrogen Bases. Now each of our characteristics and behavior is regulated by expression of this gene. We all have the same genome structure but it all depends which one is getting expressed.

You are lucky, your transgender gene is suppressed, what if it would have expressed, and you would also become one of them whom other people made fun at. Now, you realized how blessed you are?

We often see transgenders begging because we have not left any other jobs for them to do. Society feels reluctant to accept them the way they are. Vipanna Gabriel, a transgender, from Maharashtra says ‘’ Change. That is what we need in the system we live in. For transpeople, we need laws that protect us, the assurance and hope for a secure future and protection against violence and discrimination. Our people are dying so young. Their deaths reflect the ignorance, the corruptness and the lack of support of our legal, social, and family systems. We, as people in the society, are always ignored to give what we needed the most. ‘’

They are also Human Being, a gift from Nature, Cosmos. Stop humiliating them, they also bleed red, they also have emotions, they also get hurt, they also have tears as we so called normal/superior/lucky people have. All they need is love, care, friendship, a hand to console, an ear to listen to, few words to cheer them up, and a warm acceptance in this society. Let’s join hand together to spread the awareness among others, at least to the one sitting beside you, to give love and respect to them, because they deserve them equally as we do. Encourage them to work and study. What kind of Humans are we if we don’t know the meaning of humanity, compassion and love? And we called ourselves Wise Superior Race.

Share your views, so that even world can change their views.

It’s an amazing experience traveling in Delhi Metro Lady’s compartment. Everyday I used to observe variety of things going around me in that tiny coach. And then, thought of blogging on it. So here I come with my observation and wonderful experiences in Women-Only Coach.

Source: Google Image
Head to Toe
Gosh!! One thing is for sure, that, girls are better scanner that guys. Trust me, with each stop comes a motley crowd. Either the hottest or coolest gal of all would be the target for gawking. Especially it goes out for all the Aunties; I really want to read their mind at that very moment. Well, being a candid gal, ‘sometime’ I also do the same but yes, for my attention, one need to try really hard ;)

I am a Disco Dancer
Once I stifled my laugh in the train because I was traveling alone or I would have laughed loud. There was a girl, having earphones on, moving her whole body slightly as if she will be announced next performer on stage. I mean, I too hear songs sometime and really enjoy it but I don’t ‘Dance’ with the music in the train.

Mirror Mirror, Who is Prettier
It’ll be a lie if I use the word ‘often’, because every time the train reaches the station, instead of gearing up for boarding, each and every girl would look at the fast moving wide window which acts as a mini mirror for them because of crammed people standing inside, and will just keep on looking. Oh gosh!! Girls are really beauty freak, thank god; he made me lil different than other usual girls. ;)

Welcome to Adventure Island
You must see the kids, when they travel in metro. They are so enamored by it, as if riding a bizarre swing. They don’t even blink their eyes when they look outside the wide window. They also have a special fascination towards the steel poles (whatever it called as) made inside. I have actually seen them climbing up those. Seriously, all in all, it’s a mini Adventure Island for them.

Boys will always be Boys
We travel just behind the driver’s space, that is the very first compartment and the border line where the ladies’ coach ends and puts up a kind of Lakshman Rekha, there all the guys hangs up where even if the whole body is crammed and twisted, their eyes, head, nose, neck will be projecting towards us, that is the lady’s compartment, and not even a girl gives a fig over it. Sorry to say but they really look very poor.

Best Time-Pass
I enjoy reading book in train, but only if I grab a seat. Nowadays, I often see gals reading books, good for them. They are least bother what is going on around.

Source: Google Image

Seriously, traveling in Metro everyday brings on many experiences with it. It was mid morning, and I was traveling from Kashmere Gate Station last week. I boarded the train and as usual one can never expect much free space from this line source. I saw all the Ladies from Haryana wearing loose Salwaar-Kameez with Dupatta over head sitting in all the respective seats in Lady’s compartment. They were laughing, chatting, japed each other in between, and then suddenly I heard some village songs from the other half end of the coach, that was the remaining gang of those aunties’ group from Haryana who were singing some of their ritual songs together. They all were on their way to their village and they were happily enjoying their travel with gang of ladies. Everybody started taking pictures, started recording their ancient-kind-of-songs. I loved every moment of it. Somehow, they were adding that relishable joy factor in the train. Nobody complaint, nobody was irritated in that crowded noisy coach. It was giving that immense peace of independence to each one of us. That made every lady, girl in the coach smile, laugh. As if every girl standing there was celebrating their independence and power. They were talking together, though nobody knew anyone but it was creating bonds among us. We all were ‘one’ under the same roof. Even though it was for a jiffy, I just loved that very moment and will always bring a smile on remembering the same.

So, that’s what I love traveling in Metro and that too in lady’s compartment. I am sure you must also have some lovely experience. Share it here.

Let the world live your experience.

Anoushka, the Bengali bride was thrilled on her wedding day. Her younger sister Ananya, along with other female friends gathered together to prepare her for the most special occasion of her life. Her aunts’ jape was making the bride more unnerve until the Groom with his family comes in to the wedding place. Suddenly everybody was filled with joy. Ananya, for the last time hugged her not-married-sister and tried to calm her down.  Ananya wished to look the best and epitomize beauty on her sister’s wedding day because this was the most awaited occasion for her too.

Ananya draped mustard color saree with red broad border. Her neck and ears were adorned with red stone jewelry left with long mane with a single clutch, which was giving her a goddess look. She became the eye stealer of that occasion. Though Ananya had an unconventional looks but she always tried to walk on ground. She was amalgamation of trendy and tradition, which always made her more admirable to the people around. Once Ananya as a child watched a famous Hindi Bollywood Movie “Hum Apke Hai Kaun” starring Madhuri Dixit (as Nisha) and Salman Khan (as Prem ) which left a trail in back of her mind that one day even she would meet her life partner in her sister’s marriage. She is a big dreamer and true believer in love. She always waited for the right person and always believed to be in one man relation.

In this wedding ceremony, she refrained herself  from watching everyone but at times peers in the crowd, a mixture of crowd present on the big day for her sister and suddenly her eyes gets locked to a guy wearing Black Red embroidery Sherwani. He was as endearing as his smile. His eyes were uttering a lot about him. His chivalry was making him more attractive. Ananya thought he must be the one.

After some time, Ananya, sitting on a flower adorned bed along with her sister-cum-bride Anoushka who was limning a dazzling attractive woman, thinks only about the “Red Sherwani Guy”. Every folk comes to meet the bride and give her their blessings and few aunts in between comes and jape her. Ananya was enamored and wishing to know more about the same guy. She veiled her excitement with diligence as she is the bride’s sister and everyone has their eye on her. Amidst of her perpetual thinking suddenly, the “Red Sherwani Guy” came in the room along with a group. This gave her an inner jolt, turmoil in her heart. She becomes conscious for his presence there and couldn’t think what to do and what to say.

Savitri, who is Anoushka’s sister-in-law, gave an amazed look to the dazzling bride and said, “Looking so beautiful Anoushka, may you be away from all the bad evils” and put kajal from her eye to the side of the forehead of the bride. On this act Anoushka felt shyer as it was her groom’s sister who complimented. Anoushka with shy note, smiled and said, “Thank you Savitri Dee”. In between Savitri jape Ananya by saying “Next is your turn Anu and I can see that you too are ready for it, looking gorgeous Ananya”. Ananya was unnerved on hearing that because the “Red Sherwani Guy” was standing in front of her.

Savitri asked her co people including that “Red Sherwani Guy” to come forward so that she can introduce everyone to the newly bride and to-be their family member. Here the most awaiting part comes for Ananya. She was thrilled to know everything about him and even wanted to get introduce to him.

Savitri forward a girl to the bride, who was wearing a Purple south silk saree with an up do hairstyle and was looking gaudy with simple looks, “Anoushka meet my best friend Shalini, and she was my school mate as well as college mate. She stays in States and has come only for my brother’s wedding. Isn’t it great’’ with twinkles in her eyes. Anoushka greeted her and smiled. Shalini then introduced her husband named Aditya and the “Red Sherwani Guy” came forward and shook hand with them.

Anaya was awestruck after what happened. She wanted to go away from that situation, wanted to leave that place that moment. She called her cousin Tania to sit besides her sister and went out of the room to get some freshen air and a glass of water. She couldn’t believe what just happened, she started conversing with god and asked why did he did this to her. She was feeling heaviness in her heart; she was almost fallen in love with that ‘Red Sherwani Guy’. Ananya couldn’t stop her thinking about what happened. She wanted to share the whole scenario with someone close so that it stops bothering her. She looked around but couldn’t find anyone. She was lost in her thoughts until a husky voice approached her.

‘’Is that Ananya Mukherjee from DAV, XII B, 2005 batch with roll number 1”
Surprisingly Ananya turned and was amazed to see a guy wearing golden cream embroidery Kurta with a Dhoti, who was Ananya’s class mate Siddhant.

I never knew that you are my Cousin’s wife’s sister, The-Ananya-Mukherjee, my school enemy cum friend” Laughed Siddhant.

Ananya realized after that moment that God can surprise one by answering the prayer next moment. Life is full of Surprises!! Life can change any moment. Ananya always thanked god for this Loving Surprise. She lived an enliven Life till the age of 93 to converse this cute story to her grand kids, and to make them realize that life is beautiful and unpredictable which her husband Siddhant also agrees.   

 Courtesy: Jares Wilson Photography

P.S: Don’t think that I was the grand kid ;)

First attempted of story writing. Forgive me if you find this piece of creativity from not so creative person hideous to your eye. :)
Don’t forget to leave your comments below. :)

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I am totally into blogging now days that too after joining indiblogger. The moment I joined I started getting votes for my recent articles which gifted me a sense of gloat and made my day. When told to my mum she said ‘’this is only trailor beta’’ that filled up my heart even more, felt as if given the most prestigious award. Though got only 4 votes till now [;D] but enjoyed seeing their votes and thanked to them that they took out their time from their busy schedule to look over the long-long write ups [;)] of mine.

I was not a regular blogger but now onwards I would definitely try to be, not because I joined blog sites but because my write-ups are making someone smile, someone to freshen up their days and mind. Yes! This gives me an immense pleasure to say that I would start writing for you, my Readers. You are my inspiration of writing, you are the one who encouraged me to write and express my heart openly to the world.

Thanking you for your time and perpetual/everlasting encouraging words towards my articles.
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How many times you sought for help or support from your nepotic when u flounders? How many of you don’t like to be alone at all? How many times you blamed others for getting a futile result? How many times you have tried to look for a person with whom u can share your problems and sorrows?

I am sure gobs of time and we all do it. But tell me who was it, who was really hurt when tear rolls down your cheek? Who was there all the time with you starting from your birth till your end?– Its ‘you!! Being with yourself starting from your birth till end is what I think must be the longest and most loyal relationship we follow.

In my bad times, it was ‘me’ who always pushed myself ahead, pulled me up when I was on pitfall, always gave me the inner strength to confront the most confounding and daunting situations in life., it was ‘me’ who rewarded my self with the gift I love on attaining victory over some tiny achievement. I am my own best friend.

Why to find solace from outer bodies when we can find it in ourselves only. Ask yourself for help, strength, support, courage, conviction and see whether it gives u back or not. Life is like a novel, a book. It comprises of several chapters which always taught us to grow constantly. Sometimes few chapters teaches us to fight back by fortifying the ‘problem’ but we fear to be courageous and don’t turn over the page and hence the Life stuck there. Try to find out the cause of your problem and eradicate it.  Believe me, there are minimum 5 alternative solutions to each and every problem. Have a strong mind to chose and imply it because you can’t solve a problem by the same thinking u created it. Try to look out the best lesson in worst situation and move on, because time never stops for any damn one. Know yourself first because it’s more important and better that knowing others.

Here is a quick peek from my personal experience, how can you know yourself better and make best out of yourself in any situation in just 5 ways.

Work towards your goal
Even god has provided the best food a bird can have but ofcourse not to their nest. Go out; move your hands and legs; use your brain in every situation. Ask those 5 alternative solutions from yourself which u can do to overcome the challenging situation, pick up the best and imply it. Don’t ask outsiders but ask innersider.

Jot down some favorites.
5 dishes u love;
5 things u love to do;
5 movies u can watch anyday, anytime;
5 songs which makes your day;
5 friends u love to spend time with (no bf no gf only f, dnt get it wrong too u dirty mind)

Now, you got 5x5 options i.e. 25 things which always bring that smile to your life. Try any of these options each day to make your day enliven even more. It’ll give you those extra smiles after all these small happiness adds on ‘spark’ to your life and makes it even more rocking.

5-min meditation
In today’s busy world one even forget to smile while looking at the mirror and getting ready for the endeavor. Just spend 5 min for yourself each day. Refrain your mind from any kinds of thoughts (any includes everything, starting from you to your life) for 5 min. Take a deep inhale and then exhale out the negativity- the problems, the worries. Do it everyday and then see the magic.

Lock your brain with positivity
Don’t allow the negative thoughts to enter, occupy the mind with good thoughts, because damaging thoughts can make u enervated. The moment your mind diverts towards negativity start playing sudoku or puzzle games or read the newspaper or the delhitimes if u like because that’s the only newspaper I consider ;). Then your mind will be accustomed to the positivity and will start working as antivirus in your hard disc and would never allow the virus to infect your hardware again. Try it.

Healthy you
Please allow me to take you till your mirror.
Look at yourself for a jiffy. Stop being a narcissist now!!
Tell me, what’s that thing about you which you can change from your diet??
What about that flab in your tummy, what bout your hair or skin and last but not the least what bout your feet, nails, lips which we often forget to even glance in such busy schedule (Guys!! It also goes for you…look yourself for the same)
What next then!! Ask google, it’ll give you enormous alternatives to all your queries but pick only that which suits you the best and be committed to it coz u r not doing wrong to anyone else if you are not following the same but ofcourse you are cheating yourself…check that u don’t!!

So, they were some ordinary tips and hope it will work for you to become an extraordinary ‘You’. Finally I would like to conclude that u just need to love yourself and stay connected. Enjoy the journey called ‘Life’ with ‘Yourself’.
I was pondering why do people loggerheads at the name of religion. Though I am very much certain that this would never ever come to an end, or it might come but with a note of demolition all over the world. But you know what, nobody ‘’really’’ wants to participate in wars, crimes, destruction neither wants to hurt themselves but the situation, circumstances misleads the perturbed individuals to complete haywire and then they instigate the whole notion of Revenge, Jealousy among other fellows and develops Vengeance in them. These naysayer are driving their whole energy in ‘’construction of the destruction’’, but just think if they could use this energy in establishing themselves they would have flourished in their life but its their personal opinion and decision to choose this pathway because they are having ‘fire’ inside them not because they want to ‘protect’ their land or family since its not the method or way to protect them but its totally due to the presence of ‘’green eyed monster’’ in them which makes them fanatic and peckish and it takes about abounding energy to kill that ‘monster’ if one has allowed it to grow up inside from a very long time.

I’ll verse an incident occurred recently in our neighbor hood where Hindus are majorly populated, were stupefied by sudden proposal of building up of ‘masjid’ nearby. All residing here (the Hindus majorly) were flabbergasted by this proposal and tried every possible way to stop the process and this behavior miffed the Muslim and they started constructing the ‘Masjid’ at a faster pace. Seeing this Hindus culminated and started protesting it by doing all kinds of  ‘naara-baazi’, ‘rally’ and eventually by building a small ‘Mandir’ just by thinking that it would finally cease the contruction of the ‘Masjid’ but the hopes were futile. In today’s date my society has ‘Masjid’ and ‘Mandir’ at the same ground side by side. Now you tell me does that ‘Mandir’ or the ‘Masjid’ which was made due to anger, jealousy, and vengeance really have any faith or does god exist there. You can’t bring a piece of stone and make that place a worship home, it needs a enliven devotion, love, faith and do u think god would really exist there where his children are fighting over his name and place.

Though there are many such cases where people are doing all possible ways to ill treat each other on the name of religion but on the other hand there are still alive people who are not at all allowing that ‘green eyed monster’ growing in themselves. There are around 11,000 prisoners in Tihar Jail, of which around 30 per cent are Muslim. Officials said that the prisoners understand each other’s festivals and celebrate them together. Prisoners joined four thousand Muslim inmates during prayers, and iftaar and sehri. They shared the food brought by the relatives of Muslim inmates. Jail authorities also supported and provided them fruits and other things required for the roza (fast). Even in Navratras the Muslim inmates fast along with the Hindu inmates. Some NGOs also assist the Jail Authorities. Now this is a momentous example of inmates respecting each other’s religion. This is only because each of them didn’t allow the ‘green eyed monster’ to grow.

Another one goes in this way, A Muslim couple hitched in a ‘Junagadh’ temple with a ‘maulvi’ reciting Koranic verses and then the members of both communities joined the ceremony and dined together. Some hindu and muslim inmates might disagree to this knot by considering it as unethical, immoral, unprincipled but the positive feelings of love, friendship, loyalty had surpassed the outgrown monster feeling in them.

I would only conclude by saying that every individual welters to be ‘loved’ by someone whether a ‘hindu’ ‘muslim’ or anyone. Don’t allow the green eyed monster to grow in you, over anyone, treat everyone with equality but of course not to the naysayer but that doesn’t implies to their clan or kin, its only the individual who is responsible not the community. Treat everyone with equal eyes and love each one as it has the power even to suppress the thriving and advertent negative forces because nothing is ‘god made’ except the beauty and love all around and you are not above god, so don’t try to make things ‘worse’ or ‘foster’ if u cannot ‘amend’ it and even Its been said and we all know that

Love Conquers All’’.
Yes!! after pondering too much on Social Issues here I am with fresh and brisk writeup about Sadi Delhi (means 'My' in punjabi and dnt even dare to get the other meaning) aka Dilli and people here also describe it as dilli dilwaalon ki though very few dilwaales are left in place like Delhi. But yes!! Outsiders do complain about the people here but mainu ki fadak painda hai, mainu aur bhi bade saare kaam wich honde hai karne ko....yes!! punjabi.. I Just enjoy speaking it, I mean I try my best atleast ;)

Meri Delhi is 5000 years old city and  was mainly constructed by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and hence was named Shahjanabad which is presently referred as 'Old Delhi' and flanked by Redfort and Chandni chowk area. It is also considered as capital of seven empires that’s why you’ll come across many historic monuments as red fort, jantar mantar, quitub minar, lodhi garden and even the names of towns here is inspired by the ancient historians as Mehrauli, tuqlaqabad, Ferozabad etc. So good na!! Wow I am proud to be a part of such ancient place.

There are so many things that I can talk about Delhi like…..
Source:Google Image
Yahan ki Sardiya…which even raised a song too as “Pyaar mera....Dilli Ki Sardi”, Did u ever try to think why it is written in such filthy way as pyaar with dilli ki sardi (I know you would never think) but... I suppose they want to manifest the extremeness of both Pyar!! and Delhi's sardi..…How creative na!!;) I still remember when my school bus would come at morning 6:30, it used to be still mid night and I really dont know how that bhaiyaan used to drive through that foggy road and Believe me, Morning me uthna in those days was the Biggest TOTURE in Life…and 12 baje tak sona on sundays that too raziye me were the most AMUSIVE part of Life !! but still I just Love Winters, dont know why. :)

Source:Google Image
Source:Google Image
Aur Yahan ke transports!! bhaisaaaabbbb!! Must c the Rikshaws…Mast hote hai… and unse ladne me jo mazaa ata hain na…busss... delhi aur bhi pyaara lagne lagta hai....jokes apart. Now, What should I describe about Namma Metro I mean Mera Metro ;) its just awesome...Just decide your destination and reach there in minutes.. keeping the traffic by side and enjoying the view from sky metro...isnt it great and that too when metro has extended itself to even more places.

Source: Google Image
Source:Google Image
 Must say that Delhi is a very Spiritual city too…u must attend Satsang (though I have never attended but.... virtually attended through ears) which commences specially during nov-dec and even march april it means ‘’sang of satya’’ i.e gathering together for truth enlightment. Apart from satsang which is still tolerable u should actually attend JAAgaran and specially listen to their songs sung by such famous personalities, u’ll cry after listening to them…U’ll pray to god ki please bhagwan ji gaane waalen ko please maaf kar dena. No offence to such singers, but still it’s a spiritual city in its own way which celebrates each and every festival with full of dhol dhamaka chahe woh lodhi, karwa chaudh, Ram Lila, Navratre, Diwali ya koi bhi festival ho. Dhol se yaad aya…kabhi Delhi ki shaadiyan dekhi hain…waah waah…Must see them specially the pandal decorations and all, it doesn’t look lesser than any film shooting sets that too with band baaja baraat, and the groom on white horse which depicts every girl’s hero imagination…must c it once, because if Delhi ki shaadiyan nai dekhi toh phir kya dekha.

Places!!…woooo..sooo many..apart from historic monuments.One can enjoy being in Redfort light-sound show,Lotus Temple, Qawallis sung in Nizamuddin, Khan Market, Kababs in jama masjid area etc etc.

But If u ask me what I love about My Delhi, I would say its Food and Shopping. Delhi’s food specially the street foods are the most delicious thing in this world (Atleast for me)…Kahan se shuru karu..tikki, chole bhature,chole kulche, gol gappe, papdi, Kachori, Gola specially the kaala-khatta, Street van chowmein, Rajma Chwaal not 'chawal' etc (Mooh me paani aagaya na!!).... sometimes I feel like having the full golgappe ka paani with straw from that tunky ;) u know u can even get 'n' number of flavours in the water. And now about shopping…wow..what earings, accessories, chappals,Jholas…I loowwee it. Really,Love to hang out in CP, Janpath, SN, Delhi haat and even Trade fair (which commence from 14nov and goes on for two weeks every year). Ohk!!! so..how was your Delhi Tour. :)

Well that’s Delhi from my eyes but trust me who is not a Delhite, must come  visit once...Kuki jinhone delhi nai dekha toh kuch bhi nai dekha..!! So... Come Visit and Love my Place.
Have a exuberant stay in Delhi.

Keep Smiling!! :)