…and my best friend got married. 

It feels really wonderful as well as strange to see your best friend in a bridal attire, the one whom you have first seen in a school uniform, with whom you have roamed around the school corridor wearing that blue check skirt (well I love my school uniform, I hope all DAVians do), with whom you have studied really hard to get more than 80% in 10th (remember the pact we made, Tanu…ROFL), with whom you used to literally create developmental-plans-and -strategies on ‘how to become the best speaker of the class’ (OMG, what fun days Tanu), who knew all your likes and dislikes, who understood you in your worst times, who knew all your secrets, who has seen you crying, with whom you have shared many farewell but still feels inseparable, the one who knows every grain of your life, who knew nits and grits of your love life and always advised you good, who is your confidant, with whom you have grown up with some crazy and beautiful moments, who becomes a part of your daily diary entries, who makes your life even more colourful…I think I should just stop right here else I can go on and on :D. 

Indeed, you were always there in my thick and thin, now that you’re married we may get less time to spend with each other but I believe true friendship isn't about being inseparable, instead it’s being separated and still nothing getting changed.  

I wish you a wonderful and happy married life, Tanu. :)