What does Freedom means.......

According to DICTIONARY its the power to act, speak or think without externally imposed restraints. Though in ancient and modern history freedom doesnt meant in this way but how much it changed since then??

Rita Mehra (31), Lives in Chandni Chowk.  Her Family were in felicitous state when they got the news of Rita's pregnancy. Rita's husband and herself were never curious to  know about the sex of the child... but... her in-laws does. Though Sex Determination is very much banned in INDIA but you know how India works. She was then forced to abort because it was a Girl child. I m not writing against Female foeticide but  doesn't she has the freedom to give birth to her baby with full rights??

Hemant (26), Bombay living boy. He was very stylish and altruistic and was in love with a boy named Rakesh (28). He was in middle of his college studies when he realized that he is a gay. Whenever they would meet up in society they always pretended to be just acquaintances because Rakesh never wanted  the society to know about their relationship because this could affect his family too. He has hid his love for over past three years untill they were married to their wives.  I am not writing for gay rights but doesn't he have the freedom to express his love?? Isn't he a Human Being??

20th October 2011, 10:15pm in one of the busiest streets of Mumbai  where Keenan (25) and Reuban (28)  paid their life to death for  standing by and protecting the dignity of their female friends because they were teased by drunken eve teasers. But there were 100 folks who preferred to be the mute spectator. Why?? Don't they have freedom to even raise their voice against that gruesome situation?? Doesn't a girl has the freedom to live her own life with dignity?? 
Though we have reached a half century of our Independence but do we really enjoy freedom? Yes!! But to some extent. I came across a thoughtful tea advertisement and here goes some lines from it as ‘’bharat me bhi ubaal aa raha hai, yahan bhi rang badlega, soch badlegi’’. So friends!! freedom doesn’t only prevails to the perpetrates but it lies in strength of mind and body. In all the above cases all the characters who are deprived from their freedom could have won the freedom if they could only show some strength because u have to straighten ur back and work for your freedom. It doesn’t just come by discussing it; nobody can even take decision on you without your permission. Here, Rita have allowed their parents to take decion on them, Hemant and Rakesh believed and allowed the society to take decion on them, All the mute spectators allowed those loathsome people to take that dreadful step... but... what did u find Common in these statements…Its the ''People'', We….because we only makes this society and what makes us is our Thinking…so...Change the thinking, because a changed society is not just a vision but it’s the change selves…I am hopeful to have that revolution but wat about you, So wake up India!! Lots to do before leaving because even Einstein  said once-

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”