I think travelling alone provides you with an ample of time to explore your inner thoughts, especially if your flight gets delayed by chance for more than couple of hours. Well, the same thing I am experiencing now and this article is just the outcome due to late arrival of my flight.

I was just goofing around the whole airport and finally sat in a place with my I-pod on. Suddenly my eyes got stuck on a girl who was sleeping deeply with her mouth wide open, must be from same flight. But then the thought came what she must be dreaming.

BTW, what is a dream?

Some says Dreams are which the mind conceives, the heart desires, and the soul believes, and scientifically it is believed that dreams occur in the rapid-eye movement (REM) stage of sleep—when brain activity is high and resembles that of being awake. But actually there is no proven fact on why we dream, which is why there are so many ongoing research projects on the same.
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In normal human language, dream is the moving short scenes we see when we sleep and that is why we are wished with sweet dreams by our loved ones because we are about to enter a new world when we shut our eyes close at this side. Isn’t it amazing that still we breathe, and still our brain is active while we are at slumber? What is that thing which maintains this balance- it’s the power of our subconscious mind. God resides in us incognito as subconscious mind. He warns us with bad dreams, he makes us happy with wonderful dreams, he shows us the right path by showing hints or signals in our dreams. Dreams make us closer to god.

However, dreams bring a big impact on out mental state. Be it a good joyful or gaiety dream which makes our whole day. Just by thinking it again and again, it brings a smile on our face. Isn’t awesome to communicate with your hero or a person u admire direct face to face and the best is he or she is also replying you. Some times it’s the other way round and we feel so disgusted to live that whole day, it just spoils our mood. We regret that why did we see that dream. On the other hand, it act as wonders and clearly show and guide us what to do if we are in trouble in reality or warn us not to go at some place if we are planning to go. Not only this, but sometimes it makes you to hate a known person u saw in dream or it can happen in opposite way too. Have you imagined, how many new faces we see every day in our dreams, we don’t even know them, neither we have any connection with them but still they become a part of our dreams. Sometimes just a glimpse of a person u met in metro or bus comes to your dream.

A funny thing which I wanted to share; once I was talking to my favourite hero in my dream face to face and I was so much enamoured by his presence in my dream that I actually told him that ‘’hey I am talking to you in my dream’’, don’t ask me what was his reply...but it still makes me laugh by thinking the same.
Do you ever thought that can a person who is born blind, see dream. Yes they can!! But it’s only the sounds which makes their dream without any images and that’s called as auditory dreams. Isn’t interesting?
 The whole concept of dreams has always amazed me. Even after ‘playing god’ by Science and technology, it cannot dig this troves’ roots. Now my question is why do we always have silent dreams and if we start talking in dream, the dream vanishes away?

Though, there are many disorders which are related to sleep such as sleepwalking or sleep talking which science has retrieved the reasons behind it but the roots still remain buried underneath the treasured field.
I think my quest has made this article a long one indeed. But I would like to say one last thing that Life is a miracle in itself, it’s a beautiful mystery and you are blessed to live this miracle in real.

Have a happy sleep today and don’t forget to retrieve the meaning of your dream tomorrow by using this site.

Sommeil Heureux !!