It’s an amazing experience traveling in Delhi Metro Lady’s compartment. Everyday I used to observe variety of things going around me in that tiny coach. And then, thought of blogging on it. So here I come with my observation and wonderful experiences in Women-Only Coach.

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Head to Toe
Gosh!! One thing is for sure, that, girls are better scanner that guys. Trust me, with each stop comes a motley crowd. Either the hottest or coolest gal of all would be the target for gawking. Especially it goes out for all the Aunties; I really want to read their mind at that very moment. Well, being a candid gal, ‘sometime’ I also do the same but yes, for my attention, one need to try really hard ;)

I am a Disco Dancer
Once I stifled my laugh in the train because I was traveling alone or I would have laughed loud. There was a girl, having earphones on, moving her whole body slightly as if she will be announced next performer on stage. I mean, I too hear songs sometime and really enjoy it but I don’t ‘Dance’ with the music in the train.

Mirror Mirror, Who is Prettier
It’ll be a lie if I use the word ‘often’, because every time the train reaches the station, instead of gearing up for boarding, each and every girl would look at the fast moving wide window which acts as a mini mirror for them because of crammed people standing inside, and will just keep on looking. Oh gosh!! Girls are really beauty freak, thank god; he made me lil different than other usual girls. ;)

Welcome to Adventure Island
You must see the kids, when they travel in metro. They are so enamored by it, as if riding a bizarre swing. They don’t even blink their eyes when they look outside the wide window. They also have a special fascination towards the steel poles (whatever it called as) made inside. I have actually seen them climbing up those. Seriously, all in all, it’s a mini Adventure Island for them.

Boys will always be Boys
We travel just behind the driver’s space, that is the very first compartment and the border line where the ladies’ coach ends and puts up a kind of Lakshman Rekha, there all the guys hangs up where even if the whole body is crammed and twisted, their eyes, head, nose, neck will be projecting towards us, that is the lady’s compartment, and not even a girl gives a fig over it. Sorry to say but they really look very poor.

Best Time-Pass
I enjoy reading book in train, but only if I grab a seat. Nowadays, I often see gals reading books, good for them. They are least bother what is going on around.

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Seriously, traveling in Metro everyday brings on many experiences with it. It was mid morning, and I was traveling from Kashmere Gate Station last week. I boarded the train and as usual one can never expect much free space from this line source. I saw all the Ladies from Haryana wearing loose Salwaar-Kameez with Dupatta over head sitting in all the respective seats in Lady’s compartment. They were laughing, chatting, japed each other in between, and then suddenly I heard some village songs from the other half end of the coach, that was the remaining gang of those aunties’ group from Haryana who were singing some of their ritual songs together. They all were on their way to their village and they were happily enjoying their travel with gang of ladies. Everybody started taking pictures, started recording their ancient-kind-of-songs. I loved every moment of it. Somehow, they were adding that relishable joy factor in the train. Nobody complaint, nobody was irritated in that crowded noisy coach. It was giving that immense peace of independence to each one of us. That made every lady, girl in the coach smile, laugh. As if every girl standing there was celebrating their independence and power. They were talking together, though nobody knew anyone but it was creating bonds among us. We all were ‘one’ under the same roof. Even though it was for a jiffy, I just loved that very moment and will always bring a smile on remembering the same.

So, that’s what I love traveling in Metro and that too in lady’s compartment. I am sure you must also have some lovely experience. Share it here.

Let the world live your experience.
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23 Responses
  1. Reema Says:

    it is my firm belief that women actually dress up for other women not men..cuz of all these aunties etc. :) nicely written post!
    p.s. There is a good novel based on ladies compartment

  2. @Reema:

    So very true. Women actually dress up for themselves and other women and not at all for men. I m glad you liked it. Thanks for the comment and I would surely look over the link too.

  3. Debashree Says:

    Though i traveled in metro very seldom... I find each line 100% true only..... Sachhi u can c all new trends in metro... Good fashion hub... hai na... maumi

  4. @debashree: Glad you liked it debo. Thanks for your comment and you are absolutely true :)

  5. Readitt Says:

    Nice observation,,

    of course very human is unique and travelling is really a great experience...

  6. Thankyou, Hope you enjoyed reading it. :)

  7. debajyoti Says:

    nice observations and a lovely end to the post. liked it. and even i try to see myself on every object that reflects an image.

  8. One pair of observant eyes you have gal !!!
    Your writing style is as candid as your personality. Loved the piece. Keep up the good work.

  9. @debojyoti: Thankyou :)

    @Author: Thankyou very much for that compliment. I am glad you like this article. :)

  10. pooja Says:

    the point regarding the gang of women singing reminds me of my local train journey from old delhi to faridabad. there was a grp of working ladies who sang bhajans etc on their way. gud observation. :) njyd reading ...

  11. In calcutta things are different in Metro. But locals are lively. If you so like may read this

  12. @Pradip Biswas:

    Thank you for your time to read my article. I loved ur write up too. :)

  13. Rahul Says:

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  14. nice piece.....dint knew the metro was such multi-purpose, serving such wide variety of sentiments..... b'fully conjured...:)

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  16. Nice blog. From the outer skin to the inner core. Loved the way common happenings are expressed. :-)

  17. @Pranab: Thank you so much for that statement :)

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  19. Knark Dight Says:

    Hey Maumita!
    So about this blog entry you've written. I would have liked it if it wasn't for the fact that you've got a really backwards look of things.

    1) 'Empowerment' is standing on your own two feet and rising to your potential, not putting down men to make yourself feel better. That's the exact of male chauvinism and makes you just as bad.
    2) Dancing on the metro is perfectly liberating. You should try it some time instead of judging others for it.
    3) You're stereotyping men AND women. Congratulations! You've proven that you know very little about our progressive world. Apparently we're living in the 90s again.
    4)Reading doesn't make you better than those who don't, just so you know.
    5)Don't read in too much about the group of ladies or the effect their singing had on the rest of the women. They were singing because it unified them the same way men sing drinking songs to bond. It doesn't necessarily make them empowered or independent at all. Nor does it make anyone else feel the same way.
    6) The woman-empowerment era ended a decade ago. Trying to milk its influence now just makes you look pretentious.
    7) And, food for thought, if you believe that any man who slaps a woman back if she slapped him first is disgusting, then you're clearly not for gender equality at all.

    None of what you said is an accurate, or even a fair, portrayal of men OR women in Metros or in general. You should seriously explore the world you live in a little more extensively before you resort to age-old stereotypes.


  20. Oh my my.…such a wonderful and elaborated critic’s comment. Thanks, at last I got a critical comment. First of all Knark Dight, I liked that name, thank you very much for your time to read my article and I totally appreciate and respect your comment on this article. On that note I would like to add some of my view points too: 1) I agree that being a guy u will not like ‘Lady’s Compartment’ but believe me it was not at all my intention to put men down and neither it makes me feel good. 2.) I am not judging anyone, it was just my point of view, u can still continue dancing in metro as it’s not in my interest so I won’t follow you in this statement and neither I would try it ever. 3) I would again like to clarify that this whole article is purely on basis of my experience of traveling Metro on daily basis and am not stereotyping any creature in this write up, may be your way of reading is too Stereotype, so better if you change your way to read it then it could be fun to read this whole write up and of course let your face be adorned with a smile :D. 4) When did I compared and said that reading makes someone better than those who don’t. 5) It really sounds awkward to repeat this sentence again and again but this is totally based on my point of view and imagination. I suppose you should give a try to write something on men bonding on their drinking songs, that really sounds interesting and believe me I would be the first reader. 6).7) Again this is not a gender discriminative article, as personally I absolutely don’t find any inequality between men and women, in that case u might like ‘Lucky you and me’ article.

    So finally, I really appreciate and respect your views and wish to get such more critic comments on my other write ups too. Thank you very much KD for your time and I really mean it. 

  21. i really liked it is nice and ya its true too....we come across such things while traveling through metro

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