What I really like:

·        Cosmopolitan country.

·        Lucrative coupons and deals available on clothing and food, from time to time.

·        Anybody can afford anything, of course except for something like Lamborghini.

·        Worldwide cuisine’s outlets are available, be it Ethiopian, Mediterranean, Vietnamese…you name it, they have it.

·        Obsessed with pets, and will find no street animals but only animal adoption centers.

·        Air conditioners are available in every grit of the city, except if you are outdoors.

·        Pet owner picks up their pet’s poop, they are that cleanliness sensitive.

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·        24x7 grocery stores opening hours.

·        Everything and anything is available at just $1, at Dollar Store.

·        Every driver provides the right of way to pedestrians on road.

·        Women are as equal as men, in any sector of life or work, therefore it is a kind of offensive to comment anything sexist.

·        No motorbikes, either car or bicycles.

·        Return policy within 90 days is applied on almost everything, except food of course.

·        Rule of driving concerns with 3 C’s: Care, Courtesy and Common sense (mentioned in Driver’s manual), and everyone strictly follow it.

·        No roaming charges with in America.

·        Extremely warm and amicable people. If they find you “pretty”, they are enough generous to compliment you.

·        Respect as well as love women.

This is America, in a nutshell.

That’s it, can’t write anymore about America, neither you can read anymore. :D