"Road to success is not easy"
"Life is a journey"

We often come across by these quotes, but just imagine what it would like if your life would have been a car. Weird? Probably not for me because I do believe life is a journey and time is our road, but I never gave it a thought unless I started learning driving and gradually started relating each maneuver techniques with driving our own life on the road of our journey. 

Read further for getting a better picture.

1. Focus 

What is the most important thing when you drive on road? You need to focus straight ahead, you just can't act like a passenger looking all around but straight. You ought to be very careful to avoid any mishap on road or in your life, because you are the driver of your car, no one else. In order to achieve this, you need to be focus, you should know where to reach in either of the journeys.

2. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

Who doesn't like to drive on a smooth road, but you don't always get a smooth road to drive? You will find bumpy road, sometimes gravel road, hairpin loop road, traffic road, slippery roads. But, you are a safe and smart driver, you have control on your car and similarly on your life, and these roads or challenges in life will eventually make you stronger and fearless in driving on any type of roads.

You have to be just aware of when to put brake on a bad road, a smart move to avoid bumpy road, alternate route if closed road ahead, kick starting on a bad traffic, because believe me it's not about the road it's about how you are driving your car on that very road or your life in that very challenging situation

3. Don't overseeing your past

As I said before, you have to focus ahead  and not behind you. Looking behind should only be a lesson to move ahead by letting go the troubles which might lead you to an accident. Try to read between the lines and you will get what I wrote.

4. GPS

Sometimes we are lost, not in aim but the route to reach the destination. There are 10 more roads to that same destination, but you need to switch on your GPS at that crucial time to know which path to chose. Your GPS is your intuition, because eventually we always know what needs to be done. Who knows, you might come across to some beautiful road which you might never be able to see if not got lost, So sometimes getting lost is good in a way, that you are courageous enough to try something new. GPS is also your support system or the help you get from your family and friends. So try to make your GPS circuit strong by your way.

5. Fuel

All work and no play not only makes Jack's life dull and boring but yours too. So stop driving, pull over, give for servicing, fuel-in, take a deep breath, go for vacation, motivate yourself, take a break, relax, eat healthy and then start driving, you will enjoy driving again.

So, these are some major lessons I learned while learning driving our car. I also feel you might have your own interpretation to some maneuvers, which I would love to hear back. So, don't forget to leave your comments below.

There was a time when I was served with dinner on platter by my mom after coming from work, and there is time now when I have to enter kitchen after work so that I can serve dinner to myself.

Well, I heard what you said, there is always a first time.

I still remember I didn't know how to cook when I first moved to US after my wedding, and then just followed the basic Indian basic masala (spice) principle to almost all the things I tried, even if it's anything continental, which is onion tomatoes fry with all the available Indian masalas. I remember, when I started cooking I got some serious leg cramps due to standing for may be 30 minutes, yes just 30 minutes was like 3 hours for me then.

I now realize that might be the reason why I don't like preparing tea, also because I loose patience and mostly interest standing and looking at the water to boil and then waiting for another boil with tea leaves and then wait forever for third boil with milk (that's the secret of Indian chai, by the way).

Believe me, being in Kitchen for almost 2.5 years has taught me a lot of things and made me a better person in my life. It made me more responsible, it made me to love vegetables like karela (bittergourd), it taught me to to be organized, it made me realized that kitchen is a big responsibility and I hats off to all the mothers who has done this job for years and spreading love through out the family. Love your mom for doing all this without having any expectation or help in return.

Here are a few things I learned in Kitchen, when I became the owner of my kitchen.

1. Forgetting the lunchbox in your work bag is NEVER OKAY!

I had to throw two lunchboxes over last few months. You asking why? because that closed lunch box was lying in my bag for one day and then forgot to wash it the other day. Finally when I got time to wash, it was too late, as it became abode for tiny-miny cute looking fungus and I got so emotional for not destroying the same. Just kidding, I was furious and threw the whole lunchbox in the bin. This was my lesson and I made a habit of taking out the lunch box everyday after reaching home by setting up an reminder in my mobile after that incident.

Now I understand why my mom used to yell at me for not keeping out the lunchbox in the sink on same day. 

2. No one enters the kitchen other than you

Other members might just enter to check if any food is there to snack on or not. Leaving only me, who spends atleast 1.5 hour in kitchen, either cooking or setting up the utensils back to its place, and then cleaning the area.

It's like a vicious circle:
  • Cook, 
  • Clean, 
  • Keep the utensils back, and then 
  • Take it out to Cook again.
3. If you dont cook, there will be no food for the day

If I am not feeling well for a day, that's it...it's a party time for my hubby. He will find Pizza to Fried chicken online, all kinds of junk food which you try to avoid for your family.

Trust me he never gets this happy face until I utter this sentence "not feeling well to cook today".

5. Family's health is in your hand

I truly believe this. Your family is what you feed them. That's why even if I am very tired, I make sure to cook some quick and tasty healthy food from my menu planner, instead of hogging onto junk snacks. 

4. No one can know the kitchen and its stuffs any better than you

The way you keep the stuff, you want others to follow the same. Your kitchen, your style, your rules. Sounds fantastic right, it feels fantastic too :D

6. Meal planner chart is a must, or I go nuts

It's like looking at the filled wardrobe and you feel " I have nothing to wear today". It took me months to realize that I need a chart, or else I keep stressing over evening for what I should prepare for dinner.

7. Making a chapati is no less than Rocket science in my case

Trust me I am still bad at it, and making the dough just drains me out. And, I believe Roti making is a whole process, you have to set up with all the machinaries you need and make the dough, job doesn't ends there, now you have to roll it in a such a way it becomes circle, okay done but it's not done yet, you have to cook it properly so it fluffs up on gas. Yes, you think now it's over? No, you  have repeat this entire thing for almost 10 times, and then clean up the entire thing. 

8. 7 Days continous cooking is a PAIN, period

Yes, it is!

9. Basic Indian Masala is the (mother and father) of all dish

As I mentioned before that's how I learned cooking. Fry onion, put tomatoes, roast them together till the oil oozes out, that's it, mix anything with this masala. Even with the international veggies like: Brussel sprouts, Bakchoi, well not Asparagus obviously, well  may be I should give a try. :D

10. It is the biggest personal job and responsibility ever, and I simply love it!

Believe me it takes a lot to be in kitchen for such a long time. Being a head chef of your own kitchen is not an easy task, but what makes it easy is the smile on your loved ones across the dining table.

Hats off! To all the women and men who takes in-charge of their family's health and spend time in creating joys for their family.