Anoushka, the Bengali bride was thrilled on her wedding day. Her younger sister Ananya, along with other female friends gathered together to prepare her for the most special occasion of her life. Her aunts’ jape was making the bride more unnerve until the Groom with his family comes in to the wedding place. Suddenly everybody was filled with joy. Ananya, for the last time hugged her not-married-sister and tried to calm her down.  Ananya wished to look the best and epitomize beauty on her sister’s wedding day because this was the most awaited occasion for her too.

Ananya draped mustard color saree with red broad border. Her neck and ears were adorned with red stone jewelry left with long mane with a single clutch, which was giving her a goddess look. She became the eye stealer of that occasion. Though Ananya had an unconventional looks but she always tried to walk on ground. She was amalgamation of trendy and tradition, which always made her more admirable to the people around. Once Ananya as a child watched a famous Hindi Bollywood Movie “Hum Apke Hai Kaun” starring Madhuri Dixit (as Nisha) and Salman Khan (as Prem ) which left a trail in back of her mind that one day even she would meet her life partner in her sister’s marriage. She is a big dreamer and true believer in love. She always waited for the right person and always believed to be in one man relation.

In this wedding ceremony, she refrained herself  from watching everyone but at times peers in the crowd, a mixture of crowd present on the big day for her sister and suddenly her eyes gets locked to a guy wearing Black Red embroidery Sherwani. He was as endearing as his smile. His eyes were uttering a lot about him. His chivalry was making him more attractive. Ananya thought he must be the one.

After some time, Ananya, sitting on a flower adorned bed along with her sister-cum-bride Anoushka who was limning a dazzling attractive woman, thinks only about the “Red Sherwani Guy”. Every folk comes to meet the bride and give her their blessings and few aunts in between comes and jape her. Ananya was enamored and wishing to know more about the same guy. She veiled her excitement with diligence as she is the bride’s sister and everyone has their eye on her. Amidst of her perpetual thinking suddenly, the “Red Sherwani Guy” came in the room along with a group. This gave her an inner jolt, turmoil in her heart. She becomes conscious for his presence there and couldn’t think what to do and what to say.

Savitri, who is Anoushka’s sister-in-law, gave an amazed look to the dazzling bride and said, “Looking so beautiful Anoushka, may you be away from all the bad evils” and put kajal from her eye to the side of the forehead of the bride. On this act Anoushka felt shyer as it was her groom’s sister who complimented. Anoushka with shy note, smiled and said, “Thank you Savitri Dee”. In between Savitri jape Ananya by saying “Next is your turn Anu and I can see that you too are ready for it, looking gorgeous Ananya”. Ananya was unnerved on hearing that because the “Red Sherwani Guy” was standing in front of her.

Savitri asked her co people including that “Red Sherwani Guy” to come forward so that she can introduce everyone to the newly bride and to-be their family member. Here the most awaiting part comes for Ananya. She was thrilled to know everything about him and even wanted to get introduce to him.

Savitri forward a girl to the bride, who was wearing a Purple south silk saree with an up do hairstyle and was looking gaudy with simple looks, “Anoushka meet my best friend Shalini, and she was my school mate as well as college mate. She stays in States and has come only for my brother’s wedding. Isn’t it great’’ with twinkles in her eyes. Anoushka greeted her and smiled. Shalini then introduced her husband named Aditya and the “Red Sherwani Guy” came forward and shook hand with them.

Anaya was awestruck after what happened. She wanted to go away from that situation, wanted to leave that place that moment. She called her cousin Tania to sit besides her sister and went out of the room to get some freshen air and a glass of water. She couldn’t believe what just happened, she started conversing with god and asked why did he did this to her. She was feeling heaviness in her heart; she was almost fallen in love with that ‘Red Sherwani Guy’. Ananya couldn’t stop her thinking about what happened. She wanted to share the whole scenario with someone close so that it stops bothering her. She looked around but couldn’t find anyone. She was lost in her thoughts until a husky voice approached her.

‘’Is that Ananya Mukherjee from DAV, XII B, 2005 batch with roll number 1”
Surprisingly Ananya turned and was amazed to see a guy wearing golden cream embroidery Kurta with a Dhoti, who was Ananya’s class mate Siddhant.

I never knew that you are my Cousin’s wife’s sister, The-Ananya-Mukherjee, my school enemy cum friend” Laughed Siddhant.

Ananya realized after that moment that God can surprise one by answering the prayer next moment. Life is full of Surprises!! Life can change any moment. Ananya always thanked god for this Loving Surprise. She lived an enliven Life till the age of 93 to converse this cute story to her grand kids, and to make them realize that life is beautiful and unpredictable which her husband Siddhant also agrees.   

 Courtesy: Jares Wilson Photography

P.S: Don’t think that I was the grand kid ;)

First attempted of story writing. Forgive me if you find this piece of creativity from not so creative person hideous to your eye. :)
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  1. tania Says:

    loved the story,loved ending more..i'm a persistent believer of happy you beguiled me..keep writing enchanted short stories..:)

  2. hello ma'am, Thanks for dropping by my blog. Those were really encouraging words u said and that means a lot to me.
    anyways, I loved this story.

  3. Punit Dubey Says:

    It's a beautifull so much incredibly described a few hours of story in such a detailed the way it end...Life is full of surprises! :))

    (P.S.:Just asking, as they say stories are based on incidents, is it true with this one too?)

  4. Punit Dubey Says:

    Jus one more thing, is it your entry for Indiblogger contest? If yes, you need to hyperlink the MahindraXUV500 link they have provided...

  5. @Owasis
    thanks for adding me too :)

    Firstly, thanks a lot for your words and secondly I hope it could happen. I am waiting for that surprise in my life ;)

  6. Rinki Datta Says:

    di...loving story with a simple mindset but somewhat in a different way...
    loved it mainly the school connection of the friend...awesome ending must say....
    hope to read more sweet and lovey stories like this..

  7. P V Ariel Says:

    Well knitted piece.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Good luck for the win

  8. @Philip

    Many thanks for your appreciation and wishes :)

  9. anshi Says:

    lovet it maumi, beautiful creation:-0

  10. @anshi Thankyou :) I am glad u liked it :)

  11. Manuj Says:

    Hi Maumita,

    A nice written article... sometimes what you expect never happens and what happens you never expect...

    But it all happens for better :)

  12. @Manuj: Yes very true :)

  13. Anonymous Says:

    A b'ful piece indeed...Maumii, no doubt, we have a great story teller in the making...kudos fr your effort..I was glued to it..


  14. Thanks a ton Tanu...your comment means a lot to me, trust me!! Thanks for your time to read out this ordinary piece of writing of mine :)

  15. Anonymous Says:

    @Tanu: storyteller is one word, Tanu. grr....

    @Maumita: Nice story. Just watch out for those grammatical errors and choice of words. A very nice attempt. Write more, and write many such wonderful stories!


  16. @Jay: Thanks a looottttttttttttt sir :) U just made my day by reading this and leaving your valuable feedback...:) Thanks, will surely keep those words in mind forever. :)

  17. Harsh Says:

    Good one. Keep it up!

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