Yes!! after pondering too much on Social Issues here I am with fresh and brisk writeup about Sadi Delhi (means 'My' in punjabi and dnt even dare to get the other meaning) aka Dilli and people here also describe it as dilli dilwaalon ki though very few dilwaales are left in place like Delhi. But yes!! Outsiders do complain about the people here but mainu ki fadak painda hai, mainu aur bhi bade saare kaam wich honde hai karne ko....yes!! punjabi.. I Just enjoy speaking it, I mean I try my best atleast ;)

Meri Delhi is 5000 years old city and  was mainly constructed by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and hence was named Shahjanabad which is presently referred as 'Old Delhi' and flanked by Redfort and Chandni chowk area. It is also considered as capital of seven empires that’s why you’ll come across many historic monuments as red fort, jantar mantar, quitub minar, lodhi garden and even the names of towns here is inspired by the ancient historians as Mehrauli, tuqlaqabad, Ferozabad etc. So good na!! Wow I am proud to be a part of such ancient place.

There are so many things that I can talk about Delhi like…..
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Yahan ki Sardiya…which even raised a song too as “Pyaar mera....Dilli Ki Sardi”, Did u ever try to think why it is written in such filthy way as pyaar with dilli ki sardi (I know you would never think) but... I suppose they want to manifest the extremeness of both Pyar!! and Delhi's sardi..…How creative na!!;) I still remember when my school bus would come at morning 6:30, it used to be still mid night and I really dont know how that bhaiyaan used to drive through that foggy road and Believe me, Morning me uthna in those days was the Biggest TOTURE in Life…and 12 baje tak sona on sundays that too raziye me were the most AMUSIVE part of Life !! but still I just Love Winters, dont know why. :)

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Aur Yahan ke transports!! bhaisaaaabbbb!! Must c the Rikshaws…Mast hote hai… and unse ladne me jo mazaa ata hain na…busss... delhi aur bhi pyaara lagne lagta hai....jokes apart. Now, What should I describe about Namma Metro I mean Mera Metro ;) its just awesome...Just decide your destination and reach there in minutes.. keeping the traffic by side and enjoying the view from sky metro...isnt it great and that too when metro has extended itself to even more places.

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 Must say that Delhi is a very Spiritual city too…u must attend Satsang (though I have never attended but.... virtually attended through ears) which commences specially during nov-dec and even march april it means ‘’sang of satya’’ i.e gathering together for truth enlightment. Apart from satsang which is still tolerable u should actually attend JAAgaran and specially listen to their songs sung by such famous personalities, u’ll cry after listening to them…U’ll pray to god ki please bhagwan ji gaane waalen ko please maaf kar dena. No offence to such singers, but still it’s a spiritual city in its own way which celebrates each and every festival with full of dhol dhamaka chahe woh lodhi, karwa chaudh, Ram Lila, Navratre, Diwali ya koi bhi festival ho. Dhol se yaad aya…kabhi Delhi ki shaadiyan dekhi hain…waah waah…Must see them specially the pandal decorations and all, it doesn’t look lesser than any film shooting sets that too with band baaja baraat, and the groom on white horse which depicts every girl’s hero imagination…must c it once, because if Delhi ki shaadiyan nai dekhi toh phir kya dekha.

Places!!…woooo..sooo many..apart from historic monuments.One can enjoy being in Redfort light-sound show,Lotus Temple, Qawallis sung in Nizamuddin, Khan Market, Kababs in jama masjid area etc etc.

But If u ask me what I love about My Delhi, I would say its Food and Shopping. Delhi’s food specially the street foods are the most delicious thing in this world (Atleast for me)…Kahan se shuru karu..tikki, chole bhature,chole kulche, gol gappe, papdi, Kachori, Gola specially the kaala-khatta, Street van chowmein, Rajma Chwaal not 'chawal' etc (Mooh me paani aagaya na!!).... sometimes I feel like having the full golgappe ka paani with straw from that tunky ;) u know u can even get 'n' number of flavours in the water. And now about shopping…wow..what earings, accessories, chappals,Jholas…I loowwee it. Really,Love to hang out in CP, Janpath, SN, Delhi haat and even Trade fair (which commence from 14nov and goes on for two weeks every year). Ohk!!! was your Delhi Tour. :)

Well that’s Delhi from my eyes but trust me who is not a Delhite, must come  visit once...Kuki jinhone delhi nai dekha toh kuch bhi nai dekha..!! So... Come Visit and Love my Place.
Have a exuberant stay in Delhi.

Keep Smiling!! :)