Absolute myth:

·        No Beggars: Homeless people can be spot on bus stops, who do not look like one, just a little shabby. They don’t seek money by extending their palms, but do ask, with no plead in their eye, if anyone have a dollar. Some play music and earn. But, they can easily afford a junk meal with such cheap rates.

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·        No-family oriented: Americans are equally involved within a family, even though parents provide freedom of choice to their children. You will often find families doing biking, hiking, camping, barbecuing, boating together.  

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·        Americans are fat: Trust me, I haven’t found any. They are well maintained and eat organic and raw foods. You will often find people running at any odd hour of the day, especially men running without shirt on is very common on roads.

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·        Getting a job is easy: It is as hard as scoring 99.9 percentile in CAT with no call on hand.
·        Good pay: No, local people protest to increase their basic hourly rate. Moreover, taxes are real bad, way bad, especially for internationals who do not receive as good tax return as locals here.
·        Easy to settle: For an international, their life revolves around VISA status, docs, EAD, Work permit etc.
·        Indian brotherhood: The brotherhood is only limited if you belong to the same community, else they would only ogle at each other but not talk.

To be continued...