We often read it and sometimes pretend also to believe it but ask yourself once, do we really follow it?  

‘’Casteism is racism and India should stop it’’
Do we really don’t discriminate people on the basis of their caste?

Casteism doesn’t lies in division of categories but it is a peril to human unity. It fragments people into groups and impedes in the growth of a nation. But do you think it’s that easy to liquidate the concept from the society where these myths have been embarked in our psyche?
Who initiated Casteism? Is it Man-made, so we are actually following a man-made thing blindly without using our own brains? Some says it’s in shashtras, then is it made by God? Is it mentioned there that we should discriminate people against caste?

To explain further, this is what in Bhagavad-gita (4.13) Lord Krishna says, "According to the three modes of material nature and the work ascribed to them, the four divisions of human society were created by Me." Then he continues, "Brahmanas, kshatriyas, Vaidhyas and Shudras are distinguished by their qualities of work in accordance with the modes of nature." Herein we can see that there is no such declaration that a man has to be discriminated on the basis of caste throughout. It was only meant to bring ease in socio-economic functionality. They are ascertained by their qualities of work and nothing else. Furthermore, "By following his qualities of work, every man can become perfect. . . By worship of the Lord, who is the source of all beings and who is all-pervading, man can, in the performance of his own duty [or occupation], attain perfection." (Bg.18.45-6)

Herein we conclude that these divisions were meant with good intentions which has eventually wrapped up by negative cloth of discrimination and Casteism by the society.  Therefore, the persons who used to be the informer of deity and are intellectuals were considered as Brahmins, those who worked as warriors on fields were considered as kshatriyas, those who used to serve business or administrative work were belong to Vaidhyas and finally those who prefer to serve society through physical labour were considered as Shudras.
But it’s not mentioned anywhere that Shudra’s kin will always be Shudra even if his mode of work is different. That is the one thing that clings to my mind that why do we stress on caste so much when it really doesn’t make any sense in present times and doesn’t matter at all. Not only this, a Shudra’s kin can never be allowed to worship or work like a Brahmin even if he could be the best Brahmin ever by shashtras, because it’s the stereotypical mind and wrong concept of our society who will always be against it. Even if you are from Brahmin family but you do business, you won’t be considered as Vaidyas, but actually you are.
Therefore before judging the caste of next person sitting beside you, think for yourself once...are you a Brahmin or Shudra? Because its actual meaning lies on the nature of work you do not what your father used to do. Theses heavy words originated for an easy social functionality but not to divide or fragment people’s unity.

Just contemplate on it.

Source: http://www.vedicfriends.org/Casteism.htm

As December is drawing nearer, I was wondering how come media is not reminding it. Well jest apart, but who cares what tomorrow brings to us as long as we are alive now.

Though there is no such proven fact that this Dec 2012 could bring us our last breath but still people shudder. This made me to believe that man fears God despite of loving him otherwise you would never get scared of your own destruction.  Why do we contemplate on what will happen next, instead of living this very present moment?

Once what happened, I was really strained about something and was fretting constantly what will happen next and that not only made me baffled but even more melancholic. It was then the- mintos-moment for me [when my dimaag ki batti jali ;)] and suddenly i pondered that I am wasting my time and doing nothing else. Nothing productive is happening by thinking the same thing ceaselessly. What if it actually doesn’t happen what I am wishing for...I am anyways wasting my present moment without enjoying or smiling and again the same time afterwards because I couldn’t get what I wanted...then who is the loser here? Me only and nobody else...But what if I enjoy at present and laugh loudly with my heart open and still couldn’t get what I was wishing for...I can at least say that I have not wasted my past in crying instead have smiled and enjoyed and that moment has made my heart stronger to think more clearly and vividly. Stress and tension only attracts more of it and nothing else, always ask yourself ‘’am I thinking anything productive right now?’’ you will get your answer at that very moment which will guide you what you have to do next.

Remember, time flies and it takes not only your sorrows with it but also happiness, because nothing is permanent here, neither we should take our life for granted? But yes, the choice is only on you and it depends on you whether you would like to party before dying or like to cry before dying, because eventually you will go back empty handed only.

Similarly, it hardly bothers whether this December will be our last one or not.  Get up and start listing out what you really want to do before dying. What if today is your last day...do what you really want to do before leaving your body behind. Stand up and start writing..discuss it with yourself, what you really wish for and how would you do that with in this short span of time. One thing you remember always that nothing is ever impossible.....once my student told me, ’’Ma’am anything can happen..because even before the invention of touch screens, we used to think that how it can be possible and it happens only in imagination and dreams and see, where are we now’’ It’s all lies in your mind, so get started and achieve what you really want...it’s never too late..Whether you are in 20’s, 30s 40s, 50s or at hospital....make someone smile...Forget all regrets...have a coffee with your loved ones...hug them..Go party..Live your life wisely.

Lets start a new beginning, forget about the auspicious day or dates...it’s now or never. Get started and take pledge that you will be happy from now onwards and you will think only productive and you will live your life with a wide grinning smile all through, irrespective of any situation.

Remember, don’t take life for granted, embrace it and it will embrace you back with love.