I don’t think there has been any interesting topic than Women and Love. There are so many books written, serials and movies scripted and directed, also many live examples on the same aforementioned. But the strongest debatable topic comes when the subject LM v/s AM is discussed, especially with them who have not even seen or tasted it.

True love is like ghost, everybody has heard about it but only few ones have seen it. Generally, majority of the people goes and wish for love marriage (LM), after all who doesn’t want to be loved by someone madly or loving someone all by hearts. But does this same madly-in-love factor happens in arrange marriages (AM) too? Or, does this true love lie only in LM?

I have seen many couples still happy together despite of doing AM and many people separating on doing LM. But what is that one thing which is common in any relation-it is the feeling of the LOVE, whether you yourself arrange for it or it gets arranged by your beloved parents. Love is always fresh and exciting at any stage of your life, whether it’s in your 20s or 30s. It hardly matters with the tag of loved or arranged until when two grownups decide to live their whole life together, when they decide to survive together in their thick and thin without affecting their bonding. Love doesn’t lies in celebrating Valentine’s Day or giving pressies to each other on every occasion. It’s all about the feeling which has to be felt throughout your relationship, and it is like a spark which has to be maintained throughout your relationship. Once it gets dimmed, it might take time to glare up again but the source to light it up lies only in hands of the respective couples.

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Therefore, why to categorise love or relationships on the basis of different tags or how that happened. Love is unconditional, unbiased, pure and altruistic. Embrace your life, life will also embrace you in return...Don’t be judgmental and do not categorise things around you. Welcome your life with open hands and let it surprise you with a grinning smile.

Love truly but not blindly.