It’s been a long time I have pen-down any of my thoughts on paper. Life becomes busy as you grow up, and I don’t like growing up. Well, I have been occupied at work since the month of April, and then one day one of my colleagues shared that she might leave the job very soon. I was sad, very sad not because she sits beside me and I enjoy her company, not because we have shared secrets and are very close to each other, not because of any obvious reasons to feel bad when someone you like leaves, perhaps I was just appreciating her presence around since her joining, that’s it, but why was I sad hearing the news of her leaving all of us?

This thought made me write down, well this is what I call it as Attachment, it can be dangerous at times. The scenario I mentioned above is just the source of my incessant thoughts on an emotional prospect of a life: Attachment.

That reminds me of Jiah Khan’s case. Personally, I would not like to comment on anyone’s personal life, but according to the news it is explained that she committed suicide because of an unhealthy relationship. That’s the point, when you are so attached to someone that you start giving more value to that life than your own, you stop respecting your own worth, and I would call it as a negative attachment. Because it holds you down, makes you stagnant, and stops you from growing but very unlikely, the good attachment I would define as something that sets you free, makes you more beautiful and provides you peace with yourself. What I really want to say here is that being attached with somebody is fine but overdoing is not fine at all, it is dangerous instead.

And, why only human relationships I should talk about, what about that dress in your wardrobe that does not fit you anymore, what about that beautiful shaped glass jar in your kitchen which is getting old without being used, open the store cabinet and see the roughly opened gift still wrapped with the same wrapping paper: Attachment is not only limited to any human relationship, it is an emotional relationship even with inanimate things.  

Try to make your life clutter-free by taking out these unnecessary relationships or things, because you are the creator of your own future and life is all about what you chose.