I am totally into blogging now days that too after joining indiblogger. The moment I joined I started getting votes for my recent articles which gifted me a sense of gloat and made my day. When told to my mum she said ‘’this is only trailor beta’’ that filled up my heart even more, felt as if given the most prestigious award. Though got only 4 votes till now [;D] but enjoyed seeing their votes and thanked to them that they took out their time from their busy schedule to look over the long-long write ups [;)] of mine.

I was not a regular blogger but now onwards I would definitely try to be, not because I joined blog sites but because my write-ups are making someone smile, someone to freshen up their days and mind. Yes! This gives me an immense pleasure to say that I would start writing for you, my Readers. You are my inspiration of writing, you are the one who encouraged me to write and express my heart openly to the world.

Thanking you for your time and perpetual/everlasting encouraging words towards my articles.
Hope I serve you with more enliven articles.
You can also suggest me topics which you would like to read.

Have an exuberant reading moment!!
And yeah…Happy Leap Year day (29.feb.2012) :D
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  1. Gyanguru Says:

    Happy leap year day to you too Maumita :)

    Your blog is indeed full of nicely written articles. Especially, the dialogue "Movies like RDB, My name is khan come and go but what says is Shiela ki Jawani" :P in your experience of getting your transcripts was really nice :)

    Looking forward to see more stuff from you:)

  2. @Gyanguru

    I am glad that you liked my writings. Would definately try to write more articles. :)

    Thankyou again.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Firstly, welcome to blogworld! The trajectory usually takes off with a bang, then plateaus and finally ends in a writers block. Threfore the trick is to enjoy writing,irrespective of whether you get one follower or 100, irrespective of whether one comment or 100. To me enjoying equals sustaining quality, and quantity usually results in a drop in quality. These are no rules but only trends - you could certanily be an exception.

    Good luck.

  4. @jasaala

    So very true, specially ''enjoying actually equals sustaining quality''. You have no idea that your statement actually helped me solving one of my doubt.
    Thankyou very much. :D

  5. Reema Says:

    If u want to take up blogging seriously, first step would be to move to wordpress. I find it better than blogger. Also, as I have written in one of my posts, I believe serious blogging comprises of four important things :

    # Presentation – Writing good quality posts (whatever type one write about) regularly at one’s blog and being active.

    # Communication – Actually reading subscribed blogs’ posts and commenting on them (and not just writing anything for comment’s sake..just to mark your presence).

    # Reciprocation – Replying to comments on one’s posts.

    # Networking – Checking out regular commentators’ blogs or new blogs..you know like friends of friend or some websites like indiblogger and blogadda and possibly subscribing to those thus extending your network and acquiring long-term blogging relationships.

    Welcome to this wonderful world..I am here since more than 4 years :)

  6. @Reema

    many thanks for your suggestions, I would definitely look for these things from nowonwards.

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