Once, I was recharging my cell phone at Pitampura Metro Station in Delhi. There were two transgenders along with me standing and recharging their phone. The moment they left, the shop keeper along with his friend burst out with their refrained laugh.

You must have realized by now, why did they laugh and whom they laughed on. How many times you must have seen people smiling while gazing at the transgenders, or passing ugly comments and how many times you yourself must have done the same.

I never understood why we make fun of people who are also Humans. For what we express our joy, being a normal one, that’s it? I mean why to discriminate among people when all are coming from the same source, cosmos. Who are we?? Why we think ourselves so superior?? Just because we are lucky.

Even in Science, this kind of discrimination is called as Genetic Discrimination. In our body, each of our characteristics and behavior is regulated by a unit called as gene and these genes are made up of different configuration of Nitrogen Bases. Now each of our characteristics and behavior is regulated by expression of this gene. We all have the same genome structure but it all depends which one is getting expressed.

You are lucky, your transgender gene is suppressed, what if it would have expressed, and you would also become one of them whom other people made fun at. Now, you realized how blessed you are?

We often see transgenders begging because we have not left any other jobs for them to do. Society feels reluctant to accept them the way they are. Vipanna Gabriel, a transgender, from Maharashtra says ‘’ Change. That is what we need in the system we live in. For transpeople, we need laws that protect us, the assurance and hope for a secure future and protection against violence and discrimination. Our people are dying so young. Their deaths reflect the ignorance, the corruptness and the lack of support of our legal, social, and family systems. We, as people in the society, are always ignored to give what we needed the most. ‘’

They are also Human Being, a gift from Nature, Cosmos. Stop humiliating them, they also bleed red, they also have emotions, they also get hurt, they also have tears as we so called normal/superior/lucky people have. All they need is love, care, friendship, a hand to console, an ear to listen to, few words to cheer them up, and a warm acceptance in this society. Let’s join hand together to spread the awareness among others, at least to the one sitting beside you, to give love and respect to them, because they deserve them equally as we do. Encourage them to work and study. What kind of Humans are we if we don’t know the meaning of humanity, compassion and love? And we called ourselves Wise Superior Race.

Share your views, so that even world can change their views.
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  1. tania Says:

    very interesting topic you have choosen this time, what you mentioned in your aticle is very close to what i always felt.
    they are as hman as we are so we should not stare at them as they are some different living being.
    very aweinspiring and well written article.:)

  2. AmitAag Says:

    Interesting and well written, Maumita! ...made a nice read:)

  3. Insightful and effectively written... quite an improvement... keep it up!

  4. @Mukul: OMG, Is that you who said nice words about my write up. I just cant believe it, i have to pinch myself twice :) I m really pleased to read ur comment and would definitely look forward for more in upcoming writeups. Thnx daa :)

  5. I am so sorry for perhaps being the last reader of this blog. Although I do not read a lot, this is undoubtedly one of the best written articles I have ever read. Loved the way you expressed this social stigma in such insightful manner. I look forward to read more articles from you.


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