I was pondering why do people loggerheads at the name of religion. Though I am very much certain that this would never ever come to an end, or it might come but with a note of demolition all over the world. But you know what, nobody ‘’really’’ wants to participate in wars, crimes, destruction neither wants to hurt themselves but the situation, circumstances misleads the perturbed individuals to complete haywire and then they instigate the whole notion of Revenge, Jealousy among other fellows and develops Vengeance in them. These naysayer are driving their whole energy in ‘’construction of the destruction’’, but just think if they could use this energy in establishing themselves they would have flourished in their life but its their personal opinion and decision to choose this pathway because they are having ‘fire’ inside them not because they want to ‘protect’ their land or family since its not the method or way to protect them but its totally due to the presence of ‘’green eyed monster’’ in them which makes them fanatic and peckish and it takes about abounding energy to kill that ‘monster’ if one has allowed it to grow up inside from a very long time.

I’ll verse an incident occurred recently in our neighbor hood where Hindus are majorly populated, were stupefied by sudden proposal of building up of ‘masjid’ nearby. All residing here (the Hindus majorly) were flabbergasted by this proposal and tried every possible way to stop the process and this behavior miffed the Muslim and they started constructing the ‘Masjid’ at a faster pace. Seeing this Hindus culminated and started protesting it by doing all kinds of  ‘naara-baazi’, ‘rally’ and eventually by building a small ‘Mandir’ just by thinking that it would finally cease the contruction of the ‘Masjid’ but the hopes were futile. In today’s date my society has ‘Masjid’ and ‘Mandir’ at the same ground side by side. Now you tell me does that ‘Mandir’ or the ‘Masjid’ which was made due to anger, jealousy, and vengeance really have any faith or does god exist there. You can’t bring a piece of stone and make that place a worship home, it needs a enliven devotion, love, faith and do u think god would really exist there where his children are fighting over his name and place.

Though there are many such cases where people are doing all possible ways to ill treat each other on the name of religion but on the other hand there are still alive people who are not at all allowing that ‘green eyed monster’ growing in themselves. There are around 11,000 prisoners in Tihar Jail, of which around 30 per cent are Muslim. Officials said that the prisoners understand each other’s festivals and celebrate them together. Prisoners joined four thousand Muslim inmates during prayers, and iftaar and sehri. They shared the food brought by the relatives of Muslim inmates. Jail authorities also supported and provided them fruits and other things required for the roza (fast). Even in Navratras the Muslim inmates fast along with the Hindu inmates. Some NGOs also assist the Jail Authorities. Now this is a momentous example of inmates respecting each other’s religion. This is only because each of them didn’t allow the ‘green eyed monster’ to grow.

Another one goes in this way, A Muslim couple hitched in a ‘Junagadh’ temple with a ‘maulvi’ reciting Koranic verses and then the members of both communities joined the ceremony and dined together. Some hindu and muslim inmates might disagree to this knot by considering it as unethical, immoral, unprincipled but the positive feelings of love, friendship, loyalty had surpassed the outgrown monster feeling in them.

I would only conclude by saying that every individual welters to be ‘loved’ by someone whether a ‘hindu’ ‘muslim’ or anyone. Don’t allow the green eyed monster to grow in you, over anyone, treat everyone with equality but of course not to the naysayer but that doesn’t implies to their clan or kin, its only the individual who is responsible not the community. Treat everyone with equal eyes and love each one as it has the power even to suppress the thriving and advertent negative forces because nothing is ‘god made’ except the beauty and love all around and you are not above god, so don’t try to make things ‘worse’ or ‘foster’ if u cannot ‘amend’ it and even Its been said and we all know that

Love Conquers All’’.
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  1. tania Says:

    i like this article,i agree to your perspective.i always have a strong opinion that we as people generalize a single person act as the fault of whole community,which should not be done.
    One should not single out a community because of the work done by a group of person from that community.

  2. Kajal Says:

    It's sad that people are still fighting in the name of religion. A very straight from the heart post...loved it.

    glad to have found you at indiblogger. your newest follower and a regular visitor now.

  3. @Kajal

    Thanks that u liked my post and believe me, your last statement have filled my heart with joy.

    m glad too to find you at indiblogger.

  4. Maumita, enjoyed your article and your views, religion cannot be enjoyed by force. But what we read about tolerance levels being practiced are rare and in controlled environments.

    Put the same people in a free environment, not one would continue to suppor the other.. At the end of the day, is the average Indian who has to ensure his her survival.

  5. @Rajesh

    M glad that you enjoyed reading it.
    I second you for your thoughts.

    Thanks again.

  6. Rinki Datta Says:

    Green eyed monster really the exact title give....
    using our religion as a weapon against humanity can be d worse misuse of it... but nothing to do its going on in the whole world...be it any country.....concerning on our owns In India.. ...solution.. has a long path yet to be covered.. a change in d mindset can only be the exact and harmonious solution for this.... hope this article find masses and feel some revolutions in their minds at least....

  7. Reema Says:

    “We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.” ~ Jonathan Swift :)

  8. @Reema

    I second you on that. So very true!!
    And thanks for your comment.

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