One day...
I want to be just a man again
not branded as anything but a human being.

One day...
I want to be free of the prejudices
of religion, caste, color, status, language...

One day...
I want not to be judged
on my name, the brand I wear, the car I drive or my last drawn salary.

One day...
I want not be called a stupid,
for helping someone in need,
for being polite and humble at all times,
for being kind to everyone I meet,
for thinking more of you than me.

One day...
I want trust not be dependent
on a piece of signed paper attested by law.
When honesty would be acknowledged,
when words would be undeniable,
and hearts would be crossed.

One day...
when relationships would only be tested with love
and happiness (and not pleasure) would be the ultimate pursuit.

One day...
when people wont be afraid to be ridiculed,
to be mocked and to be hit with resistance,
to do the right thing and say the right words.
When courage would be drawn from hearts,
when blood would again be thicker than water,
when fights will only be fought for the right reasons
and peace would be the final cause.

One day...
when everyone would decide their own course of life
and dictated only by their conscience.
When relationships would again hold some meaning than material.
When love and compassion alone would be able to bind people together.
That day O' lord, I would be free and alive again.


PS: Written by someone, who wishes to remain behind the curtains.