Often people fear to TRY and they veil the truth with number of reasons.

Went to an Adventurous Island yesterday with my friends, it was an amazing time. I tried all kind of swings there, though I was scared too to try few but still didn’t want to lose that moment of fun and adventure. We did Bunjee Jumping….Woohoo…believe me, it was a breathtaking moment as it was so thrilling. So I asked one of my frnd to try it as she was little scared and reluctant to proceed. On being asked she replied that ‘’Arre, nai yaar!! Recently, I saw an adverse act regarding this, the strings detached and the girl fell and broke her neck‘’.

Many of you might not agree with me, but in my opinion, I just don’t understand why people judge by hearsay as they did not even experience it themselves. Many people fail to try new things, to meet new people in their life just because their mind has accepted the-bad-can-happen feeling because some xyz have experienced that. Let not allow your mind to the same. I mean, for god sake it is not necessary that what happened to that xyz, will happen to u too. But yes, definitely you can learn from the agonist mishap and should always take it positively instead taking it negatively and putting a permanent full stop in your mind. Learn from their mistakes, in case of the bunjee jumping, watch that strings are properly placed and tight. These incidents are just to make us more careful but that should never stop us from enjoying life. Who knows that could be your fun and happiest moment which you can save it for life. 

Once my cousin asked me a question on reading this article that “I don’t wanna wear short dresses or don’t want to drink, that’s also something new to me”; definitely if she doesn’t want I would never ever urge her to try that new thing but if the statement would have come up like this “I don’t wanna wear short dresses because once my friend wore and experienced something bad or my frnd drank and met with an accident” then I must have encouraged her to try it at least because its not necessary that what had happened to her friend the same will happen to her too. You tell me, what’s the main difference between above two statements, it’s the “Fear Factor”. In latter statement somewhere she herself wants to try it but the fear feeling has suppressed her audacity. Those incidents should make her strong and careful but should never stop her from living life or trying the new, like she can wear short dress if she is going with a group of friends or she should not just drink and drive to avoid the occurrence of accident. Take your own decision to try something new just don’t make your decision depend on somebody else’s experiences. What I really wanna say that deciding on basis of your instinct is a strong choice and on basis of fear is weak choice, and the choice is always yours.

Now you answer my question. Will you stop trying eating outside if your xyz  friend says that something bad happened to him when he did that?? Or will you stop trying the new swing in wonderla if your frnd has tried once and experienced something bad?? Will you take these decisions on your own or will it depend on your xyz friend’s experience??
You have no idea what all bad things are happening every single day in every part of this world, you are not even aware of that but will you stop living your life? Then why you put a full stop in your mind from trying the same?

I believe one should never ever fear to try anything which is new. Be it anything, trying new dish, swing, dress, drink, meeting new people...any damn thing. It leaves you with a great experience. Do try and feel the change. It will thrill your nerve. This is your life and live it without fear.

There is a saying:
"I can't do it" never yet accomplished anything. "I will try" has performed miracles. ~George P. Burnham

“How can your life be a living life when you fear to die and even fear to live?”. ~Maumita B.

So guys never stop yourself from trying anything new. In our world there is so much to explore, to experience. So enjoy your life, learn from others’ mistakes and move ahead confidently. Enter the world with open hands and chin high. Living life is totally in your hand
So, Go ahead, because Life is short!!
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  1. Hi Gulu,
    This is absolutely true. I want to add something here.
    Long back i attended a management training when i was in office. I still remember a story told by the instructor during the training. The story is:

    A senior employee, say Mr.X was sent to New York for a training for a week. He and a black from Uganda say Mr.Y was sharing a room. The black man was a nice gentleman and a very knowledgeable person. Mr. X was happy that he got a so nice room mate. Mr.Y by now had become Mr. X's dearest friend. Days went on happily. On the seventh day evening of their training the team was having Dinner in the hotel floor chatting with each other. One person from a corner came to him suddenly and said "you are Indian eh?" He nodded. "You are staying with that black fellow in the same room, eh?" with a smile Mr. X nodded, yes. The person gave a scary look and said, "do you know he is an AIDS patient? Avoid him, you too may be affected, so be careful !" All his happiness gone suddenly with the wind. He became so depressed and afraid. He started thinking how to get rid of him now! He was shaken. He was to spend only for a couple of hours now and not days as he is to leave the hotel early in the morning to catch a flight for Delhi. But for him now every second was so torturous to be with him! He thought he should speak to him about this and then request the hotel to allot a separate room for him for the night. He came to his hotel room and waited for Mr.Y. He collected his strength and when Mr.Y entered the room he started talking with one or two normal words and then he asked about HIV he contacted. Mr. Y looked at him for a moment and then burst out with laughter and said "wait" then he took out a paper from his laptop bag and asked him to read it. It was a form. In one column of the form it was written -- "Have you contacted HIV? if yes attach the report" and in the reply column it was clearly written a big "NO". He looked at Mr.Y puzzled and Mr.Y said "this is not enough" he opened a page from the attached papers and asked him to read. The paper was a blood test report which reads "HIV Negative".

    Why that unknown team member did so? Just for a joke !!!!!

    So, yes, i repeat too that do not believe by hearsay. Face the truth. Learn from other's mistakes. Never, never and never believe in whatever xyz says. Open your mind and open your heart. The truth will reveal itself. That is the Light of Life, the Wisdom Power!! Wake Up and move forward !!

  2. Very nice narration.

  3. @Pradip

    Thank you so much for your time and comment. :)

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