Why the great Mughal emperor Shahjahan couldn’t make a “Begham Mahal” for his princess Mumtaz, Why did he make a “Maqbara” instead? Why he couldn’t make her feel special in her presence, why he did when she died? Then the Taj Mahal would have been a real symbol of eternal LOVE. But still, people go with the crowd flow, and couples still hold their hand in hand and click their photos, and come back. But how come a Maqbara becomes a symbol of love?

This thought made me write this. Often in our life, we fail to appreciate the importance of our loved one’s presence.

You are busy at work; you don’t call your parents. Your friends complain that you don’t give much time to them. You are unable to do the things you love, because again you are so called BUSY. But y do we just forget to do the most important thing in our life?  Taking out little time for our loved ones, who makes our life worth living. They are the people, who know you better than your office colleagues or business partners; than your 2 months old girlfriend or boyfriend. They are the ones with whom you share your good and bad, who knew you when you were nothing- your school and college friends. They are the ones who were there, when you needed a shoulder- your siblings. They are the ones, who pampered you and tried to fulfill all your desires in childhood – your grandparents. They are the ones, who do not need your introduction- your parents.

Then why not taking out time for them? If not an hour at least minutes?

So folks, take out some time from your so-called busy schedule and make them feel special in their presence, not when they are not there to sense or appreciate your love. Trust me, it will make your life worth living, else you are just moving towards the grave with empty hands. Step forward to the end with smiles, love, and satisfaction but not with any regrets.

Life is not future or the Past. It is just the Moment.