What does Freedom means.......

According to DICTIONARY its the power to act, speak or think without externally imposed restraints. Though in ancient and modern history freedom doesnt meant in this way but how much it changed since then??

Rita Mehra (31), Lives in Chandni Chowk.  Her Family were in felicitous state when they got the news of Rita's pregnancy. Rita's husband and herself were never curious to  know about the sex of the child... but... her in-laws does. Though Sex Determination is very much banned in INDIA but you know how India works. She was then forced to abort because it was a Girl child. I m not writing against Female foeticide but  doesn't she has the freedom to give birth to her baby with full rights??

Hemant (26), Bombay living boy. He was very stylish and altruistic and was in love with a boy named Rakesh (28). He was in middle of his college studies when he realized that he is a gay. Whenever they would meet up in society they always pretended to be just acquaintances because Rakesh never wanted  the society to know about their relationship because this could affect his family too. He has hid his love for over past three years untill they were married to their wives.  I am not writing for gay rights but doesn't he have the freedom to express his love?? Isn't he a Human Being??

20th October 2011, 10:15pm in one of the busiest streets of Mumbai  where Keenan (25) and Reuban (28)  paid their life to death for  standing by and protecting the dignity of their female friends because they were teased by drunken eve teasers. But there were 100 folks who preferred to be the mute spectator. Why?? Don't they have freedom to even raise their voice against that gruesome situation?? Doesn't a girl has the freedom to live her own life with dignity?? 
Though we have reached a half century of our Independence but do we really enjoy freedom? Yes!! But to some extent. I came across a thoughtful tea advertisement and here goes some lines from it as ‘’bharat me bhi ubaal aa raha hai, yahan bhi rang badlega, soch badlegi’’. So friends!! freedom doesn’t only prevails to the perpetrates but it lies in strength of mind and body. In all the above cases all the characters who are deprived from their freedom could have won the freedom if they could only show some strength because u have to straighten ur back and work for your freedom. It doesn’t just come by discussing it; nobody can even take decision on you without your permission. Here, Rita have allowed their parents to take decion on them, Hemant and Rakesh believed and allowed the society to take decion on them, All the mute spectators allowed those loathsome people to take that dreadful step... but... what did u find Common in these statements…Its the ''People'', We….because we only makes this society and what makes us is our Thinking…so...Change the thinking, because a changed society is not just a vision but it’s the change selves…I am hopeful to have that revolution but wat about you, So wake up India!! Lots to do before leaving because even Einstein  said once-

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

It was such gusty cold breeze that I could feel and hear its absolute presence,clear sky with sparkling stars as if god has fixed diamonds on the roof, calm and peaceful aura where one can meditate  and I must admit that it was a magnificent experience - worlds longest lunar eclipse in 100 years on June,15th at midnight.I was on my terrace looking at the event with the thrillness. I could hear far chirping sounds of my neighbors from their terrace and could see few individuals  fixing angle to capture out the best shot with their hi-tech cameras. It was such a beautiful scenario to watch which I had captured in my eyes and kept it in my bag of beautiful moments. That day I experienced the beauty of our nature which has amused me so much that I don't find any thing beautiful in this universe other than universe itself. 

Nature is miraculous, calm, pure, exuberant, happy, harmless, loving, caring in every way whether its in the form of rain, tree, fruit, sun, star, flower, birds, beautiful animal creatures as butterflies, sea shells, anything related to nature always reflects pure beauty.We are so fortunate that we can associate ourselves with this beauty of creation but unfortunately instead of respecting it we hardly care for it. Being adults we are also very much aware about recent changing ecology. Why cant we understand that we are only responsible for our own destruction.Global warming, tsunami, green house effect...these are some of the outcome result of our own decision. Don't forget that we have borrowed the land from our children.

Once Logal Pearsll Smith said What humbugs we are, who pretend to live for Beauty, and never see the Dawn! Nature is like a paint brush of god, he communicates to us through his paintings because he loves all of us but unfortunately we failed to reciprocate his emotions, instead we tear it off to make something which could be expended by us for our own comfort. Nature is absolutely altruistic it heals us up when we get injuries, it gives us food when we are hungry, it gives us water when we are thirsty, it gives us shelter when we have no land to sleep, it makes us smile by offering us beautiful flowers and sometimes act as shoulder of friend  and what we have given it back?? Industrialization, globalization, deforestation......we damn care for anything else other than our own comfort. 

Nature is calm but when it becomes furious we start to pray and expect that God could never harm us. We are great fools of this universe who always claims to be powerful and intelligent. I believe u have to be the change to c the change in the world (quoted by Mahatma Gandhi). We are enough fortunate to feel its innocence and pure beauty. learn to appreciate it, love it, respect it, it'll love you back for sure, and if u don't believe me try it. Plant a tree, talk to it, feel its growth, u r growing not only a tree but a power in it. Furthermore watch the video and the link given, you'll realize and understand what nature has given to you and what u should do in return.

This article is an outcome result of a deplorable experience of mine.Recently I needed my transcripts which has to be issued by my university and the day I applied I realized  that ''is desh ka kuch nai ho sakta'' though I really feel sad to say this but this is the FACT. Whilst my friends apprised me to hire an agent who could give those transcripts within 1 hour by taking double amount of cash money  I was assertive to follow the formal govt. procedure while I knew that it would take little longer time than normal but being a good citizen of India I was mentally prepared for all the challenges.

I went to an employee in registrar office and asked for the form and with the astonished facial expression he gave me just after a LONG search because in his experience I think I was the first person ever asked for the transcript form and following the actual procedure. Well anyways, I filled it and i was told to wait and after ONE HOUR of waiting I asked an another Lady employee sitting there about what to do next and she replied in such a way as if someone came to her home whom she is not expecting and told me to get it signed by my vice principal which took another 30 min for me and then I was ready with my complete form and again with a long halt I was told that its incomplete without a photo and like a superwoman i took out my photo and with a generous attitude i gave whole set to her which she received with a facial expression like I am staying at her house empathetically and deny to leave but at last I was told to collect it after two days and that filled me with so much pride that I did it finally. But woefully that ''two days'' delayed to three and then four weeks and I wanted my transcripts really urgently and so I had to become a bribery Indian and got my transcripts within 1 hour by paying double amount of money and guess what even that agent was a govt. employee.

This made me learn that MONEY speaks everywhere whether its a under table of govt. office or the usage of public toilet. I am sure that it is experienced by not only me but n number of students, even though I knew that he is wrong and corrupted I couldn't do anything because the person I should go and complain also comes from the same category. So,How would YOU react on this? 

I believe Media and Cinema are two such platforms where one can express  and expect support but now a days even Media who could do a lot is busy zooming celebrities personal life even though what happens when some patriotic movies like 'Rang de basanti', 'My  name is Khan' releases out, it comes and goes but what remains is only 'Shiela ki jawani' and 'Munni ki Badnami' on their head and the people remains on the same place as they were before with their own mind setup. A country is made by their PEOPLE and that is 'us'. Its our own home, if we itself are not safe or getting support from our home members then do u think its an healthy society to stay in for long, what would be the outcome of this behaviour then? I'll tell you...Some respectable people would leave this home(India) and settle outside where they can outgrow and get what they deserve, and some like me who would try to be a good citizen and try to maintain discipline eventually would go with the flow of major population because of their deplorable experiences and lack of support and left remaining people who are revolutionary in nature would be killed just like Jyotirmoy Dey, Jessica Lal etc.

If anyone who could change this society is only ''WE'', the Youth of India. We can become a mass media power to broadcast and exhale our ideas in such a way that it becomes a mind setup within every youth starting from my neighborhood to your neighborhood. We need to direct our immense youth power to changes, revolution, discipline, good values because its only WE who could make it work further and  better place to live  because its our own home, if WE wont do then who would do it?? Choice is ours whether to live or leave. So,tell me, what you are upto??What are you doing for your home today?

Just few days back i posted some lines fom it in my FB status and i must say that this article is something very close to my heart. It is just a glimpse for you in some of my beautiful memories of life.For some valid reason I had gone to my college few days back and never felt that i m an alumni now may be because still the teachers, the gate security guard uncle, our lab assistants showed the same warmth towards me as they were five and one year before but the only change was TIME.

I started walking on the shaded footpath in my campus with the song 'photograph' on my i-pod and the moment it started and I was cutback to my earlier life that how me and my friends studied together in the corridors at last moment, getting the notes xeroxed just before the exam (Anna Xerox), laughed with pain in stomach on such stupid topics (FC), fought for teasing me with most irritating names (though i love them all), then started watching movie just before the day of exam, sleepless nights for the toughest subject exam (SBV), whole night dance practicing before the day of audition (esp. Maya), Birthday surprise plans (ohh!! Thats d best part) and then coming late to hostel and writing in late comer registers with any nonsense names and reasons, Group seminars (Ethics Seminar and the best from all the other goups), Anxiety before giving seminar to the divisional leaders (Neelanjana Ma'am) or the most dangerous teachers (SBV Ma'am) but eventually making it the best, Watching movies just after entering the room with roomies (Unborn etc.), whole class bunking and watching 1920 movie (Most flop horror movie but the funniest time) and next day scolding from immuno ma'am because of not performing well in the class test, Trips (Pondi, ooty, Chennai, nandi hills,Kannipakkam temple, banerghata NP, Wonder La) and shopping (CMC, Commercial, MG,Brigade), Dancing like hell in the bus on the way to ooty till 2 am and then swooning and again dancing (That was really funny in Ooty trip!!), room talks and funs(222, 309), Our some famous and incredible cinema halls with only student cast and crew (Raghavendra, Rex, Symphony)  and many more such memories and then you realize that u have got such a wonderful and beautiful life altogether with these priceless moments....

I really thank GOD that i got this life and to YOU too to fill in such beautiful colors to my life ...miss my student life, hostel life and u my FRIENDS. I really wanna tag names but its hard to do it for 200 ppl.... and these are just a few moments from my diary or else this article will never last...:)
                          Few lines from one of my fav song which i too feel it...
I miss that town
I miss the faces
You can't erase
You can't replace it
I miss it now
I can't believe it
So hard to stay
Too hard to leave it

If I could I relive those days
I know the one thing that would never change...

Watched ''127 hours'' and ''Inception'' few months ago and just soon after I finished watching it I wrote this article as uncontrived manner draft but was too lazy to post it so finally the day has arrived when I am publishing it on my blog..:) So here it goes like this....
         ''OMG!! what a terrific movies i watched one after other and it has just changed my whole point of view about LIFE. Ohkk!! just go flashback for a moment once. What do u c?? What all you've experienced till now?? does it brings a smile on your face?? Anyways, every individual will have diff experience and situation. What exactly I wanna say is that never ever HURT anyone or never ASSUME anything about anyone, you've really no idea what they have undergone and don't take any action against it because u don't want to REGRET it later. Life is yours, u have chosen the way u want it to be, just live your present, just live it and enjoy it, learn by your mistakes and do things wisely. Thanks to god for supporting you whenever you actually needed him. Whatever happens, it happens for good, if its your bad experience, later you'll realize that had made u grown up which is really needed to live and grow in real world. just live present, think and do things wisely because u don't want to regret . Your mind is your power and you have the control over it." 
        So, this was it when i didn't even stop for a second also to think what to write next, it was incessantly coming to my mind till the last sentence. So guys sometimes its really important to go through the lesson just to learn about it, so life is good and it'll always be, so chill, go for a movie, eat, pray and love..:) do whatever u want but dnt hurt anyone. Everyone will die one day, some dies by doing party and some by fearing what will happen if they go for party, so the choice is always urs. :) Live EACH day exuberantly.!! 


        The real Brave Aron Ralston Vs Movie 127 hours

What does Valentines day means to you if i ask you?
According to many folks its a DAY for love, but my question is why only one day for love? I would like to say, people who are really in love they celebrate each day as Valentines day. Though now a days, it has become a FAD for teenagers in schools and colleges because their maturity level about love for each other doesn't reach to that extent where even silence speaks between a couple, that is what actual LOVE is.
Love doesn't need any PROVE, big GIFTS and FLOWERS but lies in very subtle things which a couple do for each other everyday. I know one couple who are not so young but still act like ones by their heart. My landlords in Bangalore, they have 3 daughters who are married and settled now and i have seen this couple growing old together, still laughing and singing together, that's love. I have even seen my parents growing with love to each other. Love is not when you just liked the person and asked for date, its about the feeling to "grow old together". Love is something accepting each others differences with GRACE and SMILE, its all about respecting, understanding and giving space to each other. I remember once one couple well said "if people start using the word ACCEPTANCE rather than EXPECTATION in any kind of relationship whether its a child and parent, husband wife, brother sis, world will become a better place to live".So I'll conclude my article by saying that Valentines day is for them who forget to love whole year and that day is just like a reminder to them..;)

          So guys, May you all have an exuberant love life...:)