It is very difficult to express my feeling in one word or even a sentence. I don’t know what does this feeling name as, but you undergo a melody of emotions. It really feels “ajeeb” that only a bride-to-be can understand.

Sometimes some says I am lost, some says I am naturally blushing or glowing, some consoles that it happens and it's pretty normal, whereas some says I am simply acting strange , however still wondering how to sum-up this fountain of emotions in one word or a sentence.

I think we all live two lives: One before marriage and one after marriage. Presently, this is the beginning of my transition phase from a pampered-little-girl (before marriage) to a grown-up-responsible-lady (after marriage), this is the change. Although the journey I am passing through is indeed beautiful, but I keep wondering what to react and how to react, moreover when you are doing two most inevitable things at the same time: joy of spending your entire life with the person you love as well as getting departed from the ones you have spent decades with.

Difficult for me to express this emotion in one word: Joyful as well as Painful, that’s what I am feeling now-days.

Life is different when you are just a couple, you dedicate time only for your partner and love the time you both share. It feels really exciting to go on date secretly with your guy, that time is all about you and him along with the fun, laughs, phone calls you shared, but the moment you both decide to get married and once the date is fixed, everything gets inclined from 'him' to 'his family', 'my family', 'rituals', 'wedding planning' etc.

It is a BIG change, at least that’s what happened to me, since the date is fixed.

And wedding planning is a full time job. Believe me, once the planning started my head had become a platform of innovation, where every moment a new idea is popping up, be it early morning 8 or midnight 3. I used to note it down, all the minute ideas, starting from the wedding hall to the earring I would like to wear on that day.

Sometimes I wonder, am I the only one to feel this way or every bride-to-be feels like this? I don’t know. There are so many things going in my head right now, my mind is constantly thinking: Anxiety about the wedding day, shopping list, obeying different rituals, and if you are working then need to focus on work as well, then worrying about the future life ahead, etc. This is just a blue-print of my thoughts, so you can imagine, how does a bride-to-be mind's

Sometime it becomes so hard for me to accept the fact that I am getting married, that too being the youngest daughter hitching to the eldest son, and believe me with that “eldest daughter-in-law” term , had given me some sleepless night too. Moreover, the toughest time to deal with is when both of you know (you and your parents) that departure time is arriving soon and your stuffs are given a tag as “yours” instead of “ours”. 
Especially wrapping up 25 years of memories and belongings in 3 bags in just two days is very very difficult. I know it’s the saddest truth but I do not want to be upset being knowing that I am soon to be departed from this house, instead decided to laugh and smile every moment I spend with my parents because I understand their pain is no less than mine. 

Because you also know you will not get this time back, be it at your home with your family, office colleagues, with friends, this is a limited time you have got with them. So, try to spend as much quality time as possible with them: this will be my first message to all the to-be-brides. 

But the most lucrative perk you receive for getting married is to do unlimited shopping, you become the centre of not only attraction, but also love, pamper, and attention. From the time the lady made me wear the wedding jewellery to try for which looks the best till the first time I saw the printed card with my and his name, I can't express it in words how does it feel, but yes, indeed I was elated, a subtle elation this time, may be that's maturity where it started growing in me.

But I guess, this is the phase every girl goes through, and makes every daughter the most wonderful and strongest person in this world. Because believe me, taking such life-time step is a big decision and wedding is indeed will be your biggest event of your life. I am living each moment, trying to capture the moments with my writing, photographs and short videos. Enjoy this phase: this will be my second message to all others to-be-brides.

Hushhhh!! I am really excited, sometime scared, and sometime sad…this is like All-in-One phase for me.Well, indeed this new journey will be an awesome roller coaster ride with my love. Wish to seek your blessing and good wishes so that I and he can step into this ride of our life together with love, grace and courage.

PS: Since I belong to a pre-wedding phase right now, I can relate to this time. However, hopefully will pen down my post-wedding phase experience as well, someday down the lane :). Stay tuned till then.

Just a random thought I felt like sharing it with you all ;)

“The groom always smiles proudly because he's convinced he's accomplished something quite wonderful. The bride smiles because she's been able to convince him of it.”

― Judith McNaught, A Kingdom of Dreams