This article is an outcome result of a deplorable experience of mine.Recently I needed my transcripts which has to be issued by my university and the day I applied I realized  that ''is desh ka kuch nai ho sakta'' though I really feel sad to say this but this is the FACT. Whilst my friends apprised me to hire an agent who could give those transcripts within 1 hour by taking double amount of cash money  I was assertive to follow the formal govt. procedure while I knew that it would take little longer time than normal but being a good citizen of India I was mentally prepared for all the challenges.

I went to an employee in registrar office and asked for the form and with the astonished facial expression he gave me just after a LONG search because in his experience I think I was the first person ever asked for the transcript form and following the actual procedure. Well anyways, I filled it and i was told to wait and after ONE HOUR of waiting I asked an another Lady employee sitting there about what to do next and she replied in such a way as if someone came to her home whom she is not expecting and told me to get it signed by my vice principal which took another 30 min for me and then I was ready with my complete form and again with a long halt I was told that its incomplete without a photo and like a superwoman i took out my photo and with a generous attitude i gave whole set to her which she received with a facial expression like I am staying at her house empathetically and deny to leave but at last I was told to collect it after two days and that filled me with so much pride that I did it finally. But woefully that ''two days'' delayed to three and then four weeks and I wanted my transcripts really urgently and so I had to become a bribery Indian and got my transcripts within 1 hour by paying double amount of money and guess what even that agent was a govt. employee.

This made me learn that MONEY speaks everywhere whether its a under table of govt. office or the usage of public toilet. I am sure that it is experienced by not only me but n number of students, even though I knew that he is wrong and corrupted I couldn't do anything because the person I should go and complain also comes from the same category. So,How would YOU react on this? 

I believe Media and Cinema are two such platforms where one can express  and expect support but now a days even Media who could do a lot is busy zooming celebrities personal life even though what happens when some patriotic movies like 'Rang de basanti', 'My  name is Khan' releases out, it comes and goes but what remains is only 'Shiela ki jawani' and 'Munni ki Badnami' on their head and the people remains on the same place as they were before with their own mind setup. A country is made by their PEOPLE and that is 'us'. Its our own home, if we itself are not safe or getting support from our home members then do u think its an healthy society to stay in for long, what would be the outcome of this behaviour then? I'll tell you...Some respectable people would leave this home(India) and settle outside where they can outgrow and get what they deserve, and some like me who would try to be a good citizen and try to maintain discipline eventually would go with the flow of major population because of their deplorable experiences and lack of support and left remaining people who are revolutionary in nature would be killed just like Jyotirmoy Dey, Jessica Lal etc.

If anyone who could change this society is only ''WE'', the Youth of India. We can become a mass media power to broadcast and exhale our ideas in such a way that it becomes a mind setup within every youth starting from my neighborhood to your neighborhood. We need to direct our immense youth power to changes, revolution, discipline, good values because its only WE who could make it work further and  better place to live  because its our own home, if WE wont do then who would do it?? Choice is ours whether to live or leave. So,tell me, what you are upto??What are you doing for your home today?
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