Watched ''127 hours'' and ''Inception'' few months ago and just soon after I finished watching it I wrote this article as uncontrived manner draft but was too lazy to post it so finally the day has arrived when I am publishing it on my blog..:) So here it goes like this....
         ''OMG!! what a terrific movies i watched one after other and it has just changed my whole point of view about LIFE. Ohkk!! just go flashback for a moment once. What do u c?? What all you've experienced till now?? does it brings a smile on your face?? Anyways, every individual will have diff experience and situation. What exactly I wanna say is that never ever HURT anyone or never ASSUME anything about anyone, you've really no idea what they have undergone and don't take any action against it because u don't want to REGRET it later. Life is yours, u have chosen the way u want it to be, just live your present, just live it and enjoy it, learn by your mistakes and do things wisely. Thanks to god for supporting you whenever you actually needed him. Whatever happens, it happens for good, if its your bad experience, later you'll realize that had made u grown up which is really needed to live and grow in real world. just live present, think and do things wisely because u don't want to regret . Your mind is your power and you have the control over it." 
        So, this was it when i didn't even stop for a second also to think what to write next, it was incessantly coming to my mind till the last sentence. So guys sometimes its really important to go through the lesson just to learn about it, so life is good and it'll always be, so chill, go for a movie, eat, pray and love..:) do whatever u want but dnt hurt anyone. Everyone will die one day, some dies by doing party and some by fearing what will happen if they go for party, so the choice is always urs. :) Live EACH day exuberantly.!! 


        The real Brave Aron Ralston Vs Movie 127 hours

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