It was such gusty cold breeze that I could feel and hear its absolute presence,clear sky with sparkling stars as if god has fixed diamonds on the roof, calm and peaceful aura where one can meditate  and I must admit that it was a magnificent experience - worlds longest lunar eclipse in 100 years on June,15th at midnight.I was on my terrace looking at the event with the thrillness. I could hear far chirping sounds of my neighbors from their terrace and could see few individuals  fixing angle to capture out the best shot with their hi-tech cameras. It was such a beautiful scenario to watch which I had captured in my eyes and kept it in my bag of beautiful moments. That day I experienced the beauty of our nature which has amused me so much that I don't find any thing beautiful in this universe other than universe itself. 

Nature is miraculous, calm, pure, exuberant, happy, harmless, loving, caring in every way whether its in the form of rain, tree, fruit, sun, star, flower, birds, beautiful animal creatures as butterflies, sea shells, anything related to nature always reflects pure beauty.We are so fortunate that we can associate ourselves with this beauty of creation but unfortunately instead of respecting it we hardly care for it. Being adults we are also very much aware about recent changing ecology. Why cant we understand that we are only responsible for our own destruction.Global warming, tsunami, green house effect...these are some of the outcome result of our own decision. Don't forget that we have borrowed the land from our children.

Once Logal Pearsll Smith said What humbugs we are, who pretend to live for Beauty, and never see the Dawn! Nature is like a paint brush of god, he communicates to us through his paintings because he loves all of us but unfortunately we failed to reciprocate his emotions, instead we tear it off to make something which could be expended by us for our own comfort. Nature is absolutely altruistic it heals us up when we get injuries, it gives us food when we are hungry, it gives us water when we are thirsty, it gives us shelter when we have no land to sleep, it makes us smile by offering us beautiful flowers and sometimes act as shoulder of friend  and what we have given it back?? Industrialization, globalization, deforestation......we damn care for anything else other than our own comfort. 

Nature is calm but when it becomes furious we start to pray and expect that God could never harm us. We are great fools of this universe who always claims to be powerful and intelligent. I believe u have to be the change to c the change in the world (quoted by Mahatma Gandhi). We are enough fortunate to feel its innocence and pure beauty. learn to appreciate it, love it, respect it, it'll love you back for sure, and if u don't believe me try it. Plant a tree, talk to it, feel its growth, u r growing not only a tree but a power in it. Furthermore watch the video and the link given, you'll realize and understand what nature has given to you and what u should do in return.

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  1. Subhankar Says:
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  2. Subhankar Says:

    Very true; the message is clear and loud. Unless we admire and respect our mother nature, we can not expect to have led a meaningful life. Developing the habit of appreciating and caring for the nature would in turn inculcate more responsible attitude among us. As I was watching the video, for the first couple of minutes, I was literally spellbound by seeing the beauty of the nature; however, as it progressed and the ugly face of human intervention over Mother Nature unfolded; I felt like someone is holding a mirror to show us the consequences of our selfish intentions.

    We must understand that it is us who are directly dependent on nature and our goal should be to protect and nurture this planet so that our coming generations can also breathe in this wonderful world.

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