What does Valentines day means to you if i ask you?
According to many folks its a DAY for love, but my question is why only one day for love? I would like to say, people who are really in love they celebrate each day as Valentines day. Though now a days, it has become a FAD for teenagers in schools and colleges because their maturity level about love for each other doesn't reach to that extent where even silence speaks between a couple, that is what actual LOVE is.
Love doesn't need any PROVE, big GIFTS and FLOWERS but lies in very subtle things which a couple do for each other everyday. I know one couple who are not so young but still act like ones by their heart. My landlords in Bangalore, they have 3 daughters who are married and settled now and i have seen this couple growing old together, still laughing and singing together, that's love. I have even seen my parents growing with love to each other. Love is not when you just liked the person and asked for date, its about the feeling to "grow old together". Love is something accepting each others differences with GRACE and SMILE, its all about respecting, understanding and giving space to each other. I remember once one couple well said "if people start using the word ACCEPTANCE rather than EXPECTATION in any kind of relationship whether its a child and parent, husband wife, brother sis, world will become a better place to live".So I'll conclude my article by saying that Valentines day is for them who forget to love whole year and that day is just like a reminder to them..;)

          So guys, May you all have an exuberant love life...:)

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3 Responses
  1. tania Says:

    extremely heedful...so just accept the way i am(lolz)..:)you analyze alot that i alwayz knew...

  2. tania Says:

    i love to spend on valentines day just because archies is generally full of good collection...

  3. pooja Says:

    ohh u r gona kill the busssinesssss...cum on its only one day in the whole year u get to buy a rose for 100/- lol..very beautiful and true...g8 going gal...

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