Either I can start with, “I had an amazing stay in the USA and blaah blaah blaah”; or I can just come straight to the point: “What I found the most surprising things about America”.

Let me chose the later and split the entire article in 3 parts, just for your sake. :) 
So, here I start.

Unlike in India:

·        Everyone is measured worth irrespective of their job profile. In no manner, people are judged on their income or work.

·        Mostly Indians are either doctors, researchers or techies.

·        Drying clothes outside is a big NO, instead the drier heats them up. Strange!

·        Pin drop silence around. At home, you can either hear ticking clocks or your own food chewing sound.

·        No one cuddles other’s babies or kids, just allowed to “Awwwww” them. That’s it.

·        22-24 is the average age of getting married here, Yes! Marriage.

·        A new born baby doesn’t need to have a father’s name. A woman can raise a child without getting married.

·        US flags are displayed everywhere: Rooftops of houses, Schools, Parks and even on Bikinis.

·        Anyone can marry anyone, Yes! regardless of religion, skin color, ethnicity or race.

·        Chivalrous men, respect women a lot.

·        Gay community is as equal as non-gay.

·        Girls can wear anything they like, anything.

·        Drinking or holding hard drink bottle on road is offensive.

·        Obsessed with coffee: you will see a long drive-thru que in almost all coffee shops in the morning.

·        Even if you work only a day for an employer, you will be paid at the end of the month.

·        Affordable coffee and other fast foods. Like, a tall Mocha in Starbucks costs only $3 and a basic Chick-fil-A combo meal is for $4 along with free soda refills.

·        People either freeze their meals for the entire week or make some dish in Oven. That’s why Indian houses always smell curry.  

·        Salad as lunch meal: this is the reason I have learned eating raw veggies and leaves, which has become one of my favs now.

·        Private neighborhood, no neighbor door is scrutinizing you.

·        Houses made of bricks are expensive.

·        You will find pets in almost every house around. Americans are a big pet lover and are not limited only to dogs and cats but also chameleon, mice, ferrets etc.

·        No assigned seats in a cinema hall, seating arrangements is based on the first-come-first-serve.

·        No price labels on the products. 

To be continued...
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  1. It is an excellent message. Actually we are always eager to know the Americans' life, their social behaviour, how their life style etc. etc. many things we are curious to know. Excellent information you have placed. Yes "to be continued..." I am looking forward to know more about America. God Bless you dear.

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